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Fire Damage: The Benefit of Choosing ABCO Restoration For Your Home

When any type of emergency occurs and affects your family, it can be a very intimidating and life-altering experience. Though we hope this isn’t something you or your family will ever have to experience, ABCO Restoration will be there to help with the negative effects that occur after fire damage takes place in your home.

To help you through a difficult and troubling time, we’re there to provide you with unique services that will guide you through the process so you can end up feeling safer and more secure after experiencing the fire damage caused to your home. Here are the benefits of choosing ABCO Restoration if your home experiences fire damage.

We Provide a Caring Service

Once tragedy strikes, you need a moment to process what has happened as well as gather your thoughts and emotions. When companies decide to immediately approach you with contracts right after the disaster has struck, it can seem obnoxious and overwhelming to deal with.

We don’t want you to undergo this kind of experience. Therefore, we allow all the time you need to start dealing with the restoration and repairs caused by the fire damage. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and get to know us in order to make the decision whether or not you’d like us to be your trusted contracting company.

Top-Notch Fire Damage Restoration

After the fire has hit and you’re ready for us to come and investigate to determine what type of repair is needed, we will come to check out the property and see how much damage has impacted your home. We collaborate with your insurance adjuster and provide a scope of repairs. Once this has all been completed, we work with you to explain what kind of work needs to be completed.

We then look through the damage and determine what parts of your home or building can be restored and what can’t. All burned material that can’t be helped or restored is removed. We also clean up any visible damage caused by water. Additionally, we get rid of any remaining waters with our top notch drying equipment and remove any furniture damaged by water.

Our workers will make sure your house is boarded up securely, then look through the damage and do whatever work it takes to get your home back to normal. You also won’t have to worry about smelling any leftover smoke, as the odor will be removed after we’ve finished restoration.

We then completely restore your building or house along with any other possessions you have back to their original condition.

Located in Different Parts of Indiana

ABCO has worked in different areas to help with property damage due to fire disasters. For smoke or fire repair, many different areas have benefited from the service we’ve given and felt relieved that a company with almost 40 years of experience was there to help them with an unmatched quality of service.

Our services are available all over southern and northern Indiana.

Giving You the Five Pillars of Excellence

We know how difficult a loss of personal items can be. Restoring them takes an emotional, physical, and financial toll. We want to help with this as much as we can, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the five pillars of excellence.

  • Empathy
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Gratitude

We work to provide you a service that is unlike any other. By choosing us to provide an excellent service, you’ll see the true benefits in ABCO Restoration services. Contact us today to experience this high-quality service yourself.

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