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Yearly Reflections

Yearly Reflections

This is my first yearly reflections blog post, which for a 62 year older businessman is quite a feet!!  This post will serve as a way for me to share over 45 years of business management experience and most of it in the cleaning and insurance restoration business.  So if you find any of this information useful please respond or add to it by sharing your thoughts.

Sometimes it is good to reflect back on our past year of business and evaluate how we did!

I found myself thinking about our company and what the customer’s feedback has told me about our services and employees.  With that frame of mind I was also reading an article about “Business Core Values” and how they determine  a corporate culture or a company’s “Personality”.  Whether your organization has them written or not ,they exist.  YOUR shared values define who you are as a company. They will also serve as a compass as you grow, help determine fit or no fit with future hires and become a part of the everyday interactions with staff and customers.

To make these shared values align with your organization, it should start with the leadership.  Owners and managers need to self-evaluate themselves to determine if behaviors reflect those core values.  Hold each other accountable and demonstrate those values by personal example.

If you don’t “LIVE IT” you probably don’t “BELIEVE IT”.  Ask yourself if the values are truly being reflected in the day-to-day operations of your business?

May we all give ourselves and our employees a “checkup” and take the “Pulse ”of our company’s “HEART BEAT”!



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