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What’s Considered Vandalism?

Vandalism is a serious offense. While it might seem like a gray area, there are definitely things that are very clear, prosecution-inducing acts. You should probably stop if you have to ask yourself if what you’re about to do is vandalism.

Pranks Can Be Vandalism

Even if the act as meant as a joke, it might be vandalism. Teenagers who egg an annoying neighbor’s house or put toilet paper all over their friends’ houses are considered vandals. Seemingly harmless acts can have consequences.

Loosely defined, any act done without permission that destroys and defaces someone else’s property can be considered. So, in the case of egging a house or TPing someone’s lawn, the intent is to deface property.


When you quickly paint a sign on a building’s wall or slap a sticker on public property it’s called “tagging.” Different areas treat tagging with different consequences. Spray-painting someone else’s property is clearly defined as vandalism. However, placing a sticker without permission also falls under vandalism if the owner of the property is willing to file a complaint or press charges.

Malicious Acts

There are some vindictive, malicious acts that fall under the vandalism umbrella. If you break windows, put sugar in someone’s gas tank, or salt someone’s lawn, it’s vandalism. The intent in these actions is to cause damage. Other malicious acts might be to burn items that don’t belong to you or key someone’s car. These are all acts of vandalism for which you can face prosecution.

The Consequences

The consequences for vandals after they’ve defaced other peoples’ property are different depending on the area. Some places in the United States charge fines and even prison time, depending on the severity of the damage. Others might impose community service or other punishments for the acts.

We’re Here for Your Restoration Process

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