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What to Do When Your Sump Pump Fails

If your sump pump fails, don’t despair. Failures can be frequent during a storm or other types of water backup. There are a few things you can do to mitigate your losses or water damage. These tips can help you act quickly if you need to address a sump pump failure.


Survey the basement or area where your sump pump works. Be extra careful of any standing water, especially in basements. Even a small sump pump failure, or one that’s caught quickly, can create standing water. Especially in garages and basements, this is dangerous because of potential electrical charge. If there are cables or extension cords anywhere near the sump pump, take extra precaution.

A Sump Pump Quick Fix

Sometimes you can buy a cheap manual pump that will help you manually drain the water during a storm. These pumps are a temporary fix to correct the problem. A sump pump failure will have to be addressed fully after the storm has passed. If you’re not in the midst of a storm and your pump has failed in the middle of a bright blue day, call a professional immediately to get help replacing your sump pump.

Call a Pro

Once the storm has passed, call a professional team to help you replace your sump pump. A group of professionals will be able to help you clear any standing water. As a result, your family can be safe and sound. 

Cleaning Up After a Sump Pump Failure

Getting the help of a qualified restoration team is paramount during a failure. A restoration team can help you identify any remaining moisture and get it removed. This will help keep mold and growth at bay. A restoration team can also help with restoring belongings damaged during a sump pump failure. 

Trust ABCO Restoration With Your Needs

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