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What To Do When Your Personal Belongings Are Damaged

Contents restoration you can count on.
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Personal belongings hold sentimental value, are items of comfort, and can be things you use every day. When property damage occurs, the loss of personal belongings is often one of the most challenging aspects for individuals to cope with. Many personal belongings are irreplaceable and one of a kind. If your belongings are damaged in any property damage, you need to help a contents restoration team. 

ABCO Restoration offers comprehensive contents restoration in the South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana area. We always do our best to salvage your contents. With our help, you can save numerous items which hold value and meaning in your life. 

Assess the Damage

The first step after a storm or recent household mishap has left you with damaged items is to assess the scope of the damage. Making a list of damaged personal belongings is the best place to start. You can also take photos and/or videos to help document damage; this will come in handy for both your contents restorations team at ABCO as well as insurance purposes.

Separate Damaged Items for Contents Restoration

The next step is to separate damaged items. This will make it easier for your contents restoration team to evaluate damage fast when they arrive. If there is water damage, you might want to consider bagging those items to avoid spreading potential water contamination. Smoke and fire damage can spread unwanted odors, and separating items helps isolate and prevent further damage to your property. 

Bring in a Contents Restoration Specialist

The final step to salvaging your personal belongings is to bring in a contents restoration team near you. ABCO Restoration is here to help. When we arrive, we will immediately begin assessing damaged personal items. We will remove odors, salvage water-damaged items, and clean and sanitize potentially contaminated items. ABCO Restoration can handle restoring personal belongings of all types.

We work with fabrics, clothing items, furniture, and so much more. As a result, we can help reduce the number of unsalvageable things. We work fast to get you back to life as usual with the items that make your house truly your home.

Contact ABCO Restoration Today

After any type of property damage, the biggest mistake you can make is to avoid contacting a contents restoration specialist. The longer your damaged personal belongings go without being treated, the likelier it is that they can’t be saved. Acting fast and calling ABCO Restoration could save you much heartache in the long run. With years of expertise and experience in contents restoration, our professionals can quickly help you return to life as usual. Give us a call at 1-800-441-0201 today or visit our website for more information. 

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