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This article covers the next steps after hail storm damage

What to Do After a Hailstorm

This article covers the next steps after hail storm damage
Photo by Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay

If your home was affected by storm damage, you have come to the right place. Here at ABCO Restoration, we believe that the restoration process is about listening to your emotions just as much as the physical repairs. Whether the damage resulted from a tornado, hail, or even a snow and ice storm, we have you covered.

With hailstorms, the damage could be detrimental to your property, leaving dents wherever the clumps of ice made contact. In addition, the impacts can also severely damage vehicles by shattering windows due to the force of impact. If you are unsure of what to do after a hailstorm, here are some of the necessary steps to take to recover your property. 

Inspect Your Property

Unless a massive hailstorm sweeps your area, it can be challenging to spot hail damage. Some things to search for are dents and dings on any vehicle. This primarily applies to cars parked out in the open with no cover.

If you spot damage on the roof or hood of your car, you’ve likely fallen victim to hailstones. Additionally, you might find some damage around gutters and siding. If you find any damage at all, it is best to contact a professional restoration company so they can perform a thorough investigation of any further damage.  

Review Your Insurance Policy Coverage

Fortunately, many insurance companies provide policies that will cover any necessary repairs for hail damage. However, it is essential to note that not every policy and insurance company is the same. If you are unsure of what your policy covers, do not hesitate to contact your insurance company immediately to file a hail damage claim.

Hire A Storm Damage Restoration Expert

When in doubt, hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection of your property. Their report can significantly help with insurance claims as restoration companies know the required documentation to complete a claim. Not only do these restoration companies inspect your property, but they can also restore it to its original condition if the damage is not too severe. 

At ABCO Restoration, we take pride in providing an immediate response with prompt repairs. Our team of experts is trained and certified to take on all levels of restoration. From tree loss to hail damage, we have seen and conquered it all. 

Contact ABCO Restoration Today for Storm Damage Restoration Services

Want to learn more about storm damage restoration services? Contact us today at 1-800-441-0201, and a member of our friendly team will be ready to help. With over four decades of experience serving the great state of Indiana, ABCO Restoration has become the top choice for restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. 

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help bring you peace of mind. Feel free to visit our website for additional information on the services we have to offer.

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