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Black Water Removal

What is Black Water and Why is it a Hazard?

Black water removal image by Pellissier JP on Pixabay

Black water goes by a lot of names but there’s one that matters more than the others: hazardous. It’s a polite way of talking about urine, feces, grease, and other forms of waste or sewage. Your water pipe system is designed to carry waste away from your home. Unfortunately, accidents will happen. Severe weather or broken pipes can cause black water to backup into your home. Take a look at what makes it so dangerous and how ABCO Restoration can fix a black water removal problem quickly.

Black Water Removal: Why is it a Risk?

While fresh water can be considered safe coming out of the faucet, black water is the exact opposite. This is true because fresh water undergoes cleaning, desalination, and other processes to make it palatable. Black water, on the other hand, is a breeding ground for disease and illness. Since it’s impossible to know exactly what toxins might be hiding in this unexpected water, getting rid of it quickly is the best way to reduce risks for your home and family. When black water makes an appearance inside your home, there’s no time to waste (pun intended). Contacting a professional remediation specialist is key to minimizing damage and protecting your loved ones.

Some Damage Can Be Prevented

It’s not possible to prevent damage from a flash flood, a tropical storm, or another natural disaster but some damage can be prevented. One way to prevent damage before it happens is to schedule routine inspections. Hiring a trained contractor like ABCO Restoration can help you to identify current and future problems that need attention. Old pipes, malfunctioning sump pumps, and other plumbing areas can cost more in an emergency repair. Be proactive before it’s too late!

Fast Removal Done Right

When it comes time to get rid of unexpected water, the key to removing it is working fast. When standing water is left unattended in your home, it can turn hazardous quickly. Mildew and mold can form inside your home in as little as 24-48 hour. Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause health issues for the entire family. As mold growth happens, the mold will multiply and the spores can become airborne. Moving through your HVAC system can lead to breathing problems. Contacting our team is your best case scenario for getting the water out fast. Once the water is out, our team of experts can begin repairing the damage to get you back to normal.

ABCO Restoration: Your Michiana Black Water Removal Experts

For 40 years, the team at ABCO Restoration has been getting water out and the damage removed. As a family owned and operated company, we treat every customer like one of our own. No matter where you reside in the Michiana area, we’ll arrive quickly and get to work. We even work with insurance. We’ll do our best to help make the process as simple, painless, and complete–every single time. When you need an honest and trustworthy contractor, look no further. Contact us before it’s too late!

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