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I consider may 5,2013 to be one of the worst and yet best days of my life. As you are well aware that is the date my  home suffered serious serious damage due to a fire. A good friend recommended you and your team to me and within an hour, on a Sunday no less, you had gotten back to me. I rememder meeting with you the next day to walk through the house; that morning I Felt so lost and alone but after meeting you I realized everything would be all right.

Reflecting back on that day I’ve been thinking of why ABCO was the right choice for me. I’m sure the fact you have been in the restoration business for more than thirty years was a big factor. I know nothing about the building industry so knowing  ABCO handles the entire restoration process form mitigation and clean up to rebuilding my home was a plus. I never had to make decisions on individual contractors because you already had a team of trusted companies you have been working with for years. The things I did have to make decisions on were given to me a little at a time so I never felt overwhelmed. Dave kept me informed of what the plan was each week so I always felt we were moving forward. Even though I never heard of any issues with the insurance company I’m sure there were things that came up. It was nice the day-to-day headaches were never sent my way.

I can’t go any further without mentioning your team. I think these people you have surrounded yourself with are truly what makes ABCO an outstanding company. Until going through a catastrophic loss one does not realize how very personal the whole process is. The rebuild is not just a nuts and bolts thing; it involves working with the homeowners who are feeling pretty scared, beat up and vulnerable. This is where your team excels.

Without warning a group of people I don’t know are going through and packing up every item in my home. Every single piece is going to be inspected and cleaned or discarded. Catalina and michelle handled everything with respect and TLC. I enjoyed sitting down and talking with them the day everything was returned.

As I mentioned earlier, Dave kept me informed and never complained about my frequents calls and e-mails. He was always so prompt getting back with me and never made me feel it was a bother. I could tell he knew what he was doing.

Michelle was (and remains) just a phone call away. She always has an empathetic ear and also promptly gets back to me. I think she has been the main bulldog in my corner when insurance has an issue. She keeps me informed when necessary but also handles things to keep them from coming my way. I thing Tami has been a huge help to her and therefore to me as well.

I didn’t really get to see much of Eddie , Raul and Freddie because they were helping in the early day with the tear out but I know they did a great job because my neighbors kept telling me quickly everything was progressing (they were all impressed). I was shocked at the number of dumpsters your filled. I saw  more of Dylan during the last few weeks. He did a great job moving things forward one week when he was alone. I missed thanking him at the end because he was involved in a much bigger project… his new baby boy. I’m so happy foe him

Last but not least I need to tell you how lucky I feel to have Andy on the job at my home from pretty much day one. Every time I dropped in he would stop what he was doing to give me an update and answer questions. Sometimes I would stop on the weekend when nobody was around. The house was always  left in good shape. Each visit showed progress and that was important to keep my spirits up. During the last ten days or so I had to be out of my rental so my sister, dog and I all moved in. It was during that time I really came to see what a special employee you have with Andy Johnson. He was so meticulous with his work and nutshell, Andy made me feel very well taken care of. People have said, “You must be so happy it’s over”. Yes I am, but I miss having Andy around

I really enjoyed the visit from you and michelle last week. I liked showing you my new and improved home. It didn’t feel like business, more like friends stopping by. I appreciated you telling me your works is guaranteed for five years. From the look of things it’s hard to believe I will need to take but it’s nice knowing the option is there. The lovely plant you left reminds me of my new friends at ABCO whenever I look at it.

You may have noticed I didn’t send this in a thank you card. Thank you just seems so inadequate when your life has just been given back to you. I thought a blank card would be better and allow me to use my own words. This has probably gone on too them all for me and know I have nothing but a special love and gratitude for each of you

Thank you so very much!

Julie Kowalenko

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