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Tag: Mold Damage

Commercial Mold growth can happen to anyone.

4 Types of Mold Growth for Commercial Settings

Mold isn’t something that only homeowners deal with. Unfortunately, mold can also take over your commercial property or business setting. Even the most modern and prepared property owners can’t always prevent this unwanted guest. However, mold growth within commercial properties can sometimes go longer without being detected. You might not always be present on your Read More

Black Mold Removal

3 Reasons To Call A Black Mold Removal Service

The conditions for mold to thrive are common in the Michiana area. When we find mold in our homes, our first instinct is to get rid of it ASAP. If you go online, you can usually find dozens of home remedies that are supposed to clear up the mold and keep it from coming back. Read More

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