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3 Ways Your Sump Pump Can Break and How to Fix It

A sump pump is an important tool to have inside of your home, as it will work to keep it from flooding. By utilizing water damage restoration services,  the sump pump can be checked out. In most cases, it can be easily fixed if it’s broken.

Sump pumps inside your home are designed to get rid of any water that is normally seen inside your basement. The water enters through a funnel system moving in the sump basin. The pump will then move the water far away from the house and into a storm drain in the city.

This is why it’s important to make sure your sump pump is well taken care of. Here are some ways it can break and how to fix it. 

1.) Loose Wires 

If your sump pump comes to a stop all of a sudden, it could be because the wires are loose. You can prevent this from occurring by checking your wires every so often to make sure they are hooked up properly and functioning well. 

To check for loose wires, all you need to do is turn the pump’s power off and disconnect it. Then, you’ll look at the pump to see if any of the wires appear loose. If you see any loose wires, call your plumbing company. 

2.) It’s Not Well Maintained

Some sump pump owners assume all they need to do is plug it in and go. They believe the sump pump should be fine to work on its own with little to no troubles caused. This can only happen if you are properly taking care of it to prevent any potential damage. Run your sump pump at least every two to three weeks so it’s regularly used. 

Test it by checking to make sure water is being discharged outside. There are times that the sump pump will be working without actually pumping out water. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any weird noises coming from the sump pump. 

3.) Debris Building Up Inside The Pump 

Any excess debris forming inside of the pump can cause it to break. If your sump pump rests on gravel or any loose items on the floor, then it can get sucked inside of the pump. This will cause it to clog.

Try to keep it away from rocks or stones as well so those can’t get trapped inside, or the motor inside of your pump can break. If too much debris forms inside the pump, this can cause it to stop working. Call your plumber for proper sump pump restoration.

Call Your Plumber For Water Damage Restoration Needs 

If your sump pump ends up breaking and possibly damaging your home or its floors, give us a call. ABCO Restoration will always be there to help fix your sump pump or to clean the water damage surrounding the pump. 

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