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Leaky pipes are a worry of the past with ABCO Restoration.

Should I Be Worried About Leaky Pipes?

Leaky pipes are a worry of the past with ABCO Restoration.
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Pipe leaks can happen to any home or business. Leaky pipes can go unnoticed for extended periods since we don’t always see them under sinks or behind walls. However, the question of whether or not you should be worried about leaky pipes has a simple answer: Yes! Leaky pipes can cause a wide range of water damage and other issues to your property. However, understanding the nature of leaky pipes and the problems they can lead to is a more complex topic. 

Suppose you live in the South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana area and have recently noticed leaky pipes on your property. In that case, you should call ABCO Restoration. We are your local pipe leak repair team. We can act fast and help you restore any damage done to your home.  ABCO Restoration has over 40 years of experience under our belt; we know how to help you with your leaky pipes and other water damage quickly! 

Common Household Leaks

Both appliances and pipes can leak on your property; they are the two most common types of household leaks. Leaks can be caused by several factors, including weather-related incidents, frozen pipes, or improper disposal of items down drains. The worst part is they usually happen without warning, meaning homeowners are in for a big surprise with lots of cleanups. You should be worried about household leaks because they can do more than just surface-level damage. 

Sometimes leaks are small and only require a slight repair and mopping of your floor. However, if the situation is major, leaky pipes can lead to mold growth, structural damage, severe water damage, ruined personal belongings, and require an extensive restoration and remodeling processes. 

What to Do When They Occur

When you notice a household leak, you should call ABCO Restoration, your local Indiana pipe leak repair team. Second, you should turn off the water source to the impacted area to alleviate any further damage. This will also be helpful for when your leak repair team arrives to assess your leaky pipes. 

Burst Pipes and Pipe Leaks

When pipes burst, you have more than just a tiny leak to handle. You need to act fast when pipes burst in your home. This most commonly occurs during the winter months when temperatures can get low enough to freeze pipes. As the lines unthaw and expand, they crack, causing your pipes to leak and burst. If you are out of town during colder months, always make sure to maintain a household temperature high enough to avoid frozen pipes. 

 What We Can Do To Help

When you have leaky pipes, ABCO Restoration can help. When you call, we will show up, assess the damage and get to work fast. We repair leaky pipes, dry out all affected areas of your home, check for mold growths, and repair any damaged structures in your home. The best part is we act fast and are easy to reach 24/7 for emergencies. Trust ABCO Restoration and learn how we can help you today. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-441-0201. 

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