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Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipes are a nightmare for many people. Keeping your home safe from the woes of frozen pipes isn’t difficult, but it has to be done. There are simple steps that will keep you and your family from having to deal with frozen pipes. 

The Drip

If you live in a particularly cold area, keeping a drip of warm water going overnight will sometimes help keep your pipes from freezing over. Just a trickle of water moving through them can keep them warm enough to ward off the frigid temps. It doesn’t have to be a lot of water; just a steady drip will help keep the pipes warm enough.


Making sure that your pipes are all properly covered and insulated is a huge factor in making sure that your pipes don’t freeze. Inspect the insulation during the warmer months when it’s easier to fix any faulty insulation. Checking in the fall or the spring before winter will give you plenty of time to work on any repairs that need to be done. Doing this proactively will help make sure that the job is done thoughtfully and with enough time. Trying to fix things when you’re in crunch time can be incredibly stressful and can lead to rushed jobs and bad results.

Protecting Outdoor Faucets

Cover your outdoor faucets. Many home hardware stores sell foam cup-shaped covers that will insulate the spigots just enough to prevent freezing. These are usually very cheap and easy to find. They’ll save you a bundle in the long run if they keep you from having to deal with frozen pipes. 

Monitoring During Freezing Temperatures

Don’t be afraid to be a little obsessive over the state of your house during the freezing cold of winter. Checking pipes and other fixtures regularly will help. It can solve problems before they really start and ward off any issues that are lurking around.

Suffering from Frozen Pipes? ABCO Restoration Is Here to Help

If you do suffer from frozen pipes, it can be a huge mess. Frozen pipes might burst and flood your home. If you need a restoration professional, our team is committed to helping mitigate loss quickly and effectively. Call ABCO Restoration today if you need help in your home.

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