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Prepare Your Home For Summer Water Damage

When the calendar turns to June, many of us start to think about taking summer vacations to get away for a few days. Very few people think about getting their home ready for potential damage. Summer weather can be unpredictable and it’s important to be prepared for it at all times. In today’s blog, we’ll look at a few things to consider about preventing water damage this summer.

Water Damage Prevention Tip #1: Check the Roof

The first thing to consider about preventing water damage is to start at the top: your roof. When inclement weather starts, the roof is the first place it attacks your home. Have a professional contractor do a visual inspection of your home including the shingles, the gutters, and everything in between. Preventing a leaky roof starts before the rains come. It’s also a good idea to consider installing materials that can minimize sun damage during those dog days of summer throughout Michiana.

Tip #2: Inspect Your Basement

The second place to think about ahead of summer vacation is the basement. Moisture can enter your home if water rises or if the soil around your home produces a weak spot. In many cases, installing a sump pump can keep your basement protected from water damage at all times. If you already have a sump pump or are considering installing one, be sure that it includes a working battery backup to handle potential storm water that enters your home during a power outage.

Water Damage Prevention Tip #3: Mind Your Landscaping

The third part of your property to address before it’s too late involves the landscaping around your home. When heavy rains enter the forecast, they are often paired with high winds. In dangerous situations, overgrown tree limbs can easily become projectiles. This can lead to roof, window, and other types of property damage. Whenever possible, have trees, bushes, and other plant life trimmed carefully to minimize risk in a storm.

ABCO Restoration: Your Water Damage Prevention Experts

Now that you’ve learned a few tips for preventing summer water damage to your home, it’s time to get a preemptive plan in action. The professionals at ABCO Restoration are ready to build a custom preparation plan for your unique situation. Our experts have been assisting your neighbors throughout the Michiana area for over forty years. Let us help you prepare before you have to repair. Contact us today!

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