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4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for a Tornado

When a twister is predicted, you can prepare for it in ways that will keep you, your family, and your property a little safer. Some are long-term preparedness tips. Others are things you can do in the short time you have before the tornado is on you. 

Know Where Your Valuables Are 

If you live in areas that are routinely subject to tornadoes, make sure you know where all your important assets are. 

Having a safe with all your identifying documents and other important papers can be crucial. This way if you need to grab them and evacuate, you can. Keep everything organized so that you can find it quickly. 

Also, keeping a current digital copy stored on the cloud or a backup drive offers assurance that you’ll have documentation if the hard copies are lost. 

Regularly Document Your Valuables 

Another good idea is to make sure that you regularly photograph and document any extremely valuable items in your home, and you keep those pictures organized. Documentation at this level will not only help you remember what to look for in the aftermath of a tornado, but can also help with any insurance claims that might replace those items. 

Know Your Emergency Plan

Make sure that your family is following the National Weather Service’s suggestions on how to stay safe during a tornado. These tips include staying away from windows and getting as far down into the ground as possible. That might mean going to the basement or a strong room to wait out the storm. 

If you’re outdoors, seek shelter in the nearest sturdy building as soon as you’re aware that there’s a tornado coming through the area. 

Make sure that any children or young adults in your family know what to do in case of an emergency and know the dangers of a tornado. If all members of your family understand the risks, they’ll understand it’s imperative to act quickly in the face of a tornado. 

Prepare Your Home as Much as Possible

Preparing your home as much as possible can help protect your property. If you have time, move furniture and other belongings to the middle of any room with windows. This can help protect those items from flying glass or debris.

Another quick way to prepare for a tornado is to grab your emergency packs or emergency supplies. These items can help you and your family get through the aftermath of a natural disaster.

After the Storm

If you need help after a tornado, ABCO Restoration is on hand to help with any cleanup and restoration needs. We have a dedicated team available for 24/7 service who want to help you with your tornado or natural damage disaster.

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