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5 Things to Grab Before Evacuating In A Natural Disaster

A natural disaster can strike without warning. This means that when we get a notice, it can be hard to know what to do. Evacuating is scary, tedious, and all-around no fun. When preparing your family and gathering clothes, here are five more things to grab before evacuating.

What to Save In a Natural Disaster

 Nothing is guaranteed when facing a natural disaster. The worst-case scenario is that your home and everything inside it perishes. If you have time, gather the items you can’t replace; have your priorities straight. This is a broad category that ranges from old photo albums to sentimental art and even instruments. If it’s irreplaceable, pack it with you for evacuation.

Important Papers

Here is a list of the essential papers you need to pack before evacuating:

  • Drivers licenses
  • House deed
  • Passports
  • Medical records
  • Social Security cards

Having these five things is a huge relief if you have lost your home. Keep them safe with you during evacuation and make sure no vital documents fall into the wrong hands.

Food and Water

Stockpile extra food and water for everyone before evacuation. The roads can become impassable, and you and your family could get stuck somewhere for days, so it will be great to have extra food and water. As a result, you should always be overprepared for a natural disaster. Gallon water jugs and healthy canned foods or lots of snacks are choice options.


Evacuation calls for celebration to some thieves and criminals. They loot unsuspecting vacant houses. Lock your doors and protect your valuables. For a flood warning, move your things to higher floors or into the attic for safekeeping. Leaving money in a safe at your house during a natural disaster is as risky as betting it all on a sports team.

First Aid

A first aid kit is an indispensable item on the list of things to grab when evacuating a natural disaster. Emergency services will be busy, and if you have an accident, it may take them a while to get to you. A first aid kit can make a life-changing difference in a bad situation.

Contact ABCO Restoration After A Natural Disaster

If your home is damaged in a disaster, contact us. ABCO Restoration is a restoration company that specializes in restoring damage from every kind of natural disaster. Your house could be dangerous after a disaster, so don’t chance it – have a professional restoration.

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