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Fire Damage Restoration

Small Kitchen Fire: You Still Need a Fire Damage Restoration Service

None of us want to hire a fire damage restoration service when we can save money by fixing the problem ourselves. A small fire that doesn’t appear to have caused much damage can be tempting to try to clean and repair yourself. However, even a small fire with minimal damage can become too much to take on by yourself.

Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Know How To Get Rid of the Smoke Smell

The smell of smoke can permeate your home and hang around for a very long time. No amount of air freshener is going to make it better, and if it isn’t addressed, then it could pose a health risk. Smoke isn’t just a bad smell; it’s tiny particles in the air that are getting into your lungs. If you try to live with the smell, you could develop some breathing issues, as well as other health risks associated with breathing in smoke.

The smoke smell usually saturates any fabrics and furniture in the area. You can’t just throw the fabric in the washing machine; that could actually make the smoke smell worse, along with passing on that smell to your washing machine.

A fire damage restoration service has the tools and the training to get the smoke smell out of fabrics, carpeting, and furniture. Best of all, they work as a team, meaning that they will get your home smelling fresh and clean much faster than if you tried to take on the project yourself.

You Might Need to Do More Than Clean

When you have a small fire occur in your home, the damage may seem minimal at first. Let’s say that the fire occurred from a cooking mistake. The cabinets above your stove seem to be covered in soot, but other than that, things seem unharmed.

The first problem is that soot is rather tricky to clean. The oils in your hands can react with the soot and end up staining whatever it is you are cleaning. The second issue is that heat warps everything. The cabinets may not look like they are damaged, but they most likely are. A fire damage restoration team knows how to properly clean the soot without further damage. They will come equipped with all the tools needed to restore anything damaged by fire.

Your Insurance Company Will Thank You

A fire damage restoration company will work with your insurance. Also, trained and licensed professionals are doing the work. When you try to repair the damage on your own, the work you do will not be covered under insurance. Even a small kitchen fire will need to have a cabinet or even an appliance replaced or repaired. By working with a fire restoration company, you will save yourself the headache of unexpected bills, a difficult repair, and time. At ABCO Restoration, we are available 24/7, and no amount of fire damage is too big or small to fix. Let us help get your home and your life back to normal. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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