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How to Prevent Vandalism Around Your South Bend Home

According to the FBI, 4,406 incidents of property damage occurred in the South Bend area during 2018. While that number pales in comparison to much larger communities, it doesn’t discount how important it is to prevent vandalism at home. In today’s blog, we’ll look at a few ways to keep your South Bend home safe from vandals.

South Bend Vandalism Tip #1: Look At Your Home Like They Would

It might be hard to do but consider how a would-be vandal might view your happy home. Do you display expensive items in your windows? Do you park a nice car in your driveway? Think about how your home looks from the outside. If you have a lack of lighting, and unlocked entryways into your home, you are asking for trouble.

Tip #2: Make It Clear That Your Home Is Protected

Once you’ve identified risk factors, look for ways to beef up your security. This could include a security system, outdoor video cameras, bigger exterior lighting schemes, or protective landscaping designs. Showing would-be vandals that you pay attention to your home can dissuade them from doing damage to your property.

South Bend Vandalism Prevention Tip #3: Act Quickly to Repair Any Vandalism Damage

The funny thing about vandals: they want their work to be seen. Whether it’s a broken window, or obscene graffiti, removing it quickly will show the perpetrators that you take your home seriously. If you have tenants living in your property, clearly communicate your expectations if vandals should strike. Acting quickly and decisively will send a strong message: vandals not welcome.

Tip #4: Report All Damage to the Police Immediately

No matter what form of damage you find, reporting it to the authorities is always the smart decision. Making a report to the police might draw attention to potential patterns and encourage the powers that be to take action. As an added benefit, the police report may assist your insurance company in processing your damage claim more quickly.

South Bend Vandalism Prevention Tip #5: Remember That You Are NOT Alone

If you’ve fallen victim to vandalism or want to prevent it in the future, you are not alone. Your home should be a source of pride and place of relaxation. The team at ABCO Restoration makes it possible to repair and prevent the damages that vandals bring. Don’t hesitate–contact us to learn more about our restoration and prevention services today!

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