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Water damage safety tips for pets

How to Keep Pets Safe After Water Damage

Water damage safety tips for pets
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When it comes to water damage, the fallout can be detrimental to your property and your family’s health. It is essential to have a good backup plan in any emergency – not just for you, but also for your furry friends. At ABCO Restoration in Elkhart, we understand how important it is to keep your family and pets prepared and safe from harm.

Whether it’s a burst pipe, clogged drain, or a natural disaster, you can never be too prepared. But what happens when you return home to the aftermath? We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to keep your pets safe after water damage.  

Water Damage Causes Mold Growth

If left untreated, water damage could cause mold growth, which can endanger your pet’s health. After all, our pets are considered family, and if it is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pets. 

Pets can be exposed to mold in a couple of ways: environment exposure and ingestion. Exposure may cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Your pet can come into contact with mold hidden from plain sight in walls, carpeting, or behind wallpaper. If you notice your pet displaying unusual symptoms, contact your vet and a local restoration specialist.

Stress from Water Damage

Depending on the type of pet and the individual animal, pets will display stress in different ways. Some common symptoms include but are not limited to constant licking, chewing, panting, and yawning. Water damage might require moving your family away from home, which could cause stress for your pet if they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings.  

Some pets are vulnerable to anxiety, and any sudden environmental changes could potentially be a trigger. It’s best to comfort your pet as much as possible to help keep them calm. If you can, try to house your pet in a safe and familiar space that relaxes them.

Make a Preparation Plan

Depending on the extent of damages, you might not need to leave your home during water damage restoration, but it’s always good to have a game plan in place. A preparation plan should include finding a safe place on higher ground for pets in the case of evacuation. 

Storing food for pets and people in sealed water containers above ground level will help reduce the chance of losing it to water damage. Depending on your pet’s preference, they might enjoy sleeping on pet beds or in dog crates and carriers. Instead of sleeping on the floor, consider investing in elevated pet beds that will help keep your pet safely above the ground.

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