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Living with pets and having clean carpets is possible.

How to Keep A Clean Home with Pets

Living with pets and having clean carpets is possible.
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You might need to invest in carpet cleaning services if you are a pet owner. Our pets feel like part of the family. As a result, we want to treat them like valued members of our tight-knit group of loved ones. However, living with pets and keeping your home clean can often seem impossible. Pets are notorious for creating mess, tracking dirt around, and leaving their fur in unwanted places. As difficult as it may seem to keep a clean home with pets, it isn’t impossible. 

In fact, with carpet cleaning services from ABCO Restoration in the area of Elkhart/South Bend, Indiana, your home can stay pet-friendly and clean at the same time. Learn more about our services today by visiting our website. Here are some other helpful tips for keeping a clean home with pets. 

Wipe Paws Often to Prolong Carpet Cleaning Services

One easy improvement you can make to keep your home clean is to make sure you’re wiping your pet’s paws often. When dogs come in from outside, they track in grass, dirt, rocks, dust, and so much more. Tiny insects can even hide in their fur, just waiting to crawl out all over your home. While you can’t be expected to give your pet a complete grooming session every time they come inside, wiping their paws can work wonders to maintain clean carpeting. Plus, fewer particles on their feet means a better improvement in the overall air quality of your home. 

Vacuum Often 

Vacuuming can only be effective at cleaning your carpets to a certain degree. You will always need to invest in a professional carpet cleaning service from ABCO Restoration for deeper carpet cleaning. However, vacuuming helps prevent dirt and pet dander from becoming deeply embedded in carpet fibers, prolonging the time you can go without needing carpet cleaning services. Many vacuums even have handy attachments for different carpet fiber lengths, as well as the ability to remove pet hair from hard-to-reach areas with ease. 

Limit Access to Certain Areas

Another way to help ensure that your carpet lasts longer is to limit your pet’s access to certain areas of the home. This might mean excluding them from newer furniture or rooms with carpeting. Child safety gates can be used to help block access to the restricted areas. With so many other spaces for your pet to roam, you can still let them find comfort and be a part of the family without compromising the integrity of your carpeting. 

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