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A fire crisis can be solved with fire damage repair from ABCO Restoration.

How to Address Fire Repair in a Crisis

A fire crisis can be solved with fire damage repair from ABCO Restoration.
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Fires can happen in an instant, quickly spreading and engulfing your home in destructive flames and leaving you in need of extreme fire repair services. When a fire strikes your property or home, your actions in the aftermath can be critical to the restoration of your property. ABCO Restoration offers the Michiana area a variety of restoration and damage services, including fire repair and restoration. We are experts at helping you stay safe while returning your home to its former glory. Learn more about how to address fire repair in a crisis with us by your side today!

What to Do After A Fire

After a fire, everything can seem overwhelming. You may not know what to do first. After the fire has safely been put out, the next thing you should do is make sure everyone in your family is safe, contact your homeowner’s insurance, document the evidence, and then give ABCO a call. 

Insurance Documentation for Fire Repair

Insurance companies want to get by with the lowest settlement possible. Therefore, it is helpful to document the evidence of the fire, any lost possessions, and where the damage was done. Your local fire department will be involved in this process, but remember you are the homeowner, so your needs should come first. 

Call ABCO Restoration for Fire Repair

Next, get on the phone as soon as it is safe to do so with one of the trained and responsive fire repair specialists at ABCO Restoration. We promise to answer quickly so that you don’t have to wait to begin your home’s restoration process. At ABCO, our mission is to treat each situation independently of other factors, meaning we value you and your property as its own unique case. Our step-by-step process ensures that we are by your side the entire way, answering your questions and working to get your home repaired as quickly as possible. 

Our Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Services 

A fire crisis is not over when the flames are put out. Some of the most complex parts of fire damage occur after the initial fire has taken place. At ABCO Restoration, we aim to make the entire process, from initial inspection of fire damage to final reconstruction, run as smoothly as possible. We break up each project into four main stages of fire damage repair. 

First, we perform a detailed inspection of the extent of fire damage. We use this to create a plan of action with a computerized scope of repairs needed. We’ll also work with your insurance adjuster to help you understand the plan of action. Next, we demolish and remove fire-damaged debris. If the fire caused any water damage, we tackle those issues next, making sure to dry out the interior of your home completely. After that, we tackle lingering smoke smells and smoke damage, which can be even deadlier if left untreated than the initial fire. Finally, we bring in your possessions and restore your home with our certified reconstruction services. 

Contact ABCO Restoration Today

If your home is in a crisis because of deadly fire damage, then you need the fire repair and restoration experts at ABCO Restoration. We handle commercial and residential fire damage repair projects of any size. Our mission is to help you restore your home as quickly as possible, and we promise always to use our five pillars of excellence: empathy, quality, integrity, trust, and gratitude. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you (800) 441-0201.

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