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How Professional Mold Inspection and Restoration Processes Work

If you even think that there’s mold hiding in your home, it’s essential to get it inspected immediately. If mold is found, getting rid of it is best left to professionals. Today, we’ll take a look at how mold inspection and mold restoration take place.

Mold Inspection is Complicated

When you hire a mold restoration team, they will inspect your home for the presence of mold. The trouble with trying to remove mold yourself is that it has a way of hiding from the naked eye. Professionals will dig deep into crevices to find hidden mold spores that could lead to additional damage. When they find mold, they will develop a repair plan that will return your home to pre-infection condition.

Mold Restoration Involves Deep Cleaning

Once mold has been found in your home, experts will get to work removing it. The first step of removing mold from your home involves removing all items from the impacted area. Once the area is clear, your contractor will complete a deep clean of your home. This will involve commercial-grade safety equipment to reduce health risks. Deep cleaning will include every surface at risk or testing positive for mold. Once the deep washing is finished, HEPA vacuums and dryers will be used to get your home completely dry. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to more spores.

Mold Removal Will Prevent Sickness

The mold restoration process may take time to complete, but it is intended to keep everyone in good health. While mold itself is not dangerous, the spores that it can release lead to a number of different illnesses. Mold can grow in standing water and lead to allergies, vision, skin, and breathing problems if not removed right away.

Mold Restoration is About Preventing Future Issues

Once your home is repaired, the expectation is that the work has prevented future water damage. A solid restoration plan should be designed to anticipate potential weaknesses in your home and solve them before more issues can arise. Taking care to find hidden areas of risk can solve bigger problems before they happen. The best mold specialists will take care to address unique design requirements in your home.

ABCO Restoration Should Be Your First Mold Restoration Call

Now that you’ve learned about what goes into mold repairs, it’s time to consider how the trained experts at ABCO Restoration can repair your Elkhart home for good. Contact us today!

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