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How Content Restoration Can Save Your Prized Possessions

You’re often left with a mess in the aftermath of a natural disaster. It’s not always possible to clean it up quickly. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at how contents restoration experts can return precious family heirlooms to perfect condition.

What is Contents Restoration?

Contents restoration is the process of cleaning delicate items. It can’t always be done quickly. Personal possessions are made from a wide variety of materials. This can make it impossible to use standard cleaners. A certified contents restoration professional will use maximum care. We always strive to bring your items back to pristine condition.

How Does Contents Restoration Work?

Contents restoration teams will use state-of-the-art to deep-clean your possessions. While it might not be the completely original item, restoration professionals will use any means necessary to repair your items to usable and displayable condition. Whenever possible, restoration can take place within your home. One of the primary things to keep in mind during contents restoration is that experts will do their best to explain the entire process as it happens. We know that there’s nothing more distressing than waiting. We aim to make sure that your cherished family heirlooms can still be passed down. Taking special care is an important part of the process. We won’t forget that your home means everything to you.

What If In-Home Contents Restoration Doesn’t Work?

We may need to take some items to a controlled location for cleaning and repair. In the event that contents are beyond repair, professional restoration experts will remove the damaged items and assist you in the process of replacing them. We will provide detailed information to your insurance company to speed up the claims process. Additionally, insurance often covers restoration costs to help keep clients happy.

What Makes ABCO the Best in Contents Restoration?

Not all restoration companies are the same. We have been going above and beyond in Michiana for over 40 years. When we arrive at your home to complete the process, we take care to document everything that we’ll need to do. This includes a full inventory. We use photography and video recording during the repair process. We strive for a seamless process from start to finish. Ask questions and we’ll answer!

If you find yourself in need of content restoration after a fire, flood, or other disaster–look no further than ABCO Restoration. We’ll treat you like family. Contact us today!

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