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10 Ways To Prevent A House Fire

A lot of people see a house fire and think that it’ll never happen to them. There are plenty of situations where nothing horrendous will happen to them – but some people aren’t so lucky. A house fire can happen to anyone, but there are absolutely ways to minimize your chances of a fire in your home. Here are 10 quick ways to protect your home from a blaze.

Preventing A House Fire: Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

Make sure that candles are lit with enough space around them so they don’t catch anything around them on fire. If you leave a room, blow out the candle.

Beware, Grease Fires Can Happen Instantly

While cooking, grease fires and flare-ups can happen in a moment. Make sure to always know where your fire extinguisher is and that you know how to operate it in the case of a grease fire.

Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher is Current

There are date ranges on all extinguishers during which they work best. Make sure to check periodically to keep an eye on your extinguisher’s best-by date.

Test Your Smoke Alarms Quarterly

Ensuring you have a working fire alarm system will help you know there’s a fire in your home if you’re sleeping or if you’re outdoors. Make sure your alarms work when you need them.

Keep Chimneys Clean

Make sure that your chimneys are clean and clear. Blockages and faulty chimneys could lead to a house fire.

Don’t Smoke in Bed

This is an old saying, but it’s true. Don’t smoke in bed at all – but also, don’t smoke inside if you can help it. You’ll reduce your chances of a house fire, and your home’s value will thank you.

Kids at Home? Don’t Leave Out Matches and Lighters

When you’re young, there’s nothing more fun to play with than something you’re told not to touch. Combine that with the pyromaniac tendencies of most teenagers, and your kids could be your own walking fire threat. Make sure to educate your children about the dangers of a house fire, and to keep matches and lighters out of reach of younger children who might not understand.

Don’t Leave Home With the Dryer Running

It’s another warning from mothers and grandmothers – leaving your house with the dryer running is something you should always avoid. Either turn it off before you leave or time your wash schedule so that you don’t have to have a load of wet or damp clothes sitting in the dryer waiting for you to return.

Stay on Top of Yardwork

Brush fires in your yard can quickly get out of hand and consume your home. Make sure that your grass is clipped short. Storing and operating your yard equipment safely is also a good way to keep your home safe from an accidental fire. Make sure that bushes, brush, and trees are all neatly trimmed and are away from your home’s exterior and roof.

Inspect Your Firepit Regularly To Prevent A House Fire

Having a fire in your yard on cool autumn nights and chilly winter evenings can be very relaxing. Make sure your fire pit is clean and clear between uses to help stop accidental fires, either when you’re not home or not close to your fire pit.

We Can Help If You’ve Had A House Fire

Keeping your home safe from a fire is an important part of homeownership. Knowing how to lessen your chances of house fire disaster is always great, but if you find yourself in a devastating situation, call the team at ABCO Restoration. Call today to speak with a member of our team. We have 24/7 assistance for any restoration needs you might have.

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