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Smoke Removal

Help! I Need Smoke Removal ASAP!

No matter what the cause, the lingering odor of smoke is incredibly difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, it’s a job best left to the professionals. Here’s how the team at ABCO Restoration can assist you in the smoke removal process for your home.

Possession Removal Can Start the Process

When smoke removal needs to occur, the first step to undertake is to remove items from the home. Attempting to remove the heavy smells may help a bit, but in many scenarios, these possessions will need to be discarded. An upholstered chair could trap years of cigarette smoke and be unsalvageable.

Air Purification Can Help Remove Smoke Odors

While removing physical possessions that have smoke damage might make a dent in the situation, there’s more to removing the odors. Smoke that’s trapped below the surface cannot be scrubbed away. When this happens, contacting a professional cleaning company can get the job done. At ABCO, we use a variety of air purifiers, HEPA filters, and other tools to get a superior level of freshness.

Deep Cleaning For Smoke Removal

Strong odors are easily trapped inside fabrics like curtains. The tricky thing about curtains and other fabrics is that they cannot be thrown in the washing machine. Many of these items will require specialized cleaning processes due to their delicate construction. Whenever possible, the team at ABCO will take great care to use specially formulated cleaners and processes to remove smoke smells without damaging the materials themselves.

Removing Wallpaper and Cleaning Walls

Strong odors can linger inside walls. In many cases, we’ll remove wallpaper during the smoke removal process. You can treat bare wall surfaces with an extra layer of primer to remove the strong odor of smoke. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean wallpaper as well. Going the extra mile to keep smells from coming back is essential to an ongoing smoke-free home.

Final Cleaning and Steaming Flooring Surfaces

Once we treat the smoke damage, we’ll handle any lingering issues. We can clean many surfaces with advanced cleaners. Additionally, a deep steam cleaning will help to remove any remaining impurities. Much like the other steps in the smoke removal process, carpet and flooring cleaning may take additional time and multiple actions to achieve optimal results.

ABCO Restoration: Your Smoke Removal Experts

The smoke removal process can be challenging but you are never alone! The team at ABCO Restoration is always ready, willing, and able to assist you in the remediation process. For over 40 years, our experts have been helping families across the Indiana and Michigan communities achieve smoke-free homes. When you’re ready to live in a fresh-smelling home, contact our team today.

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