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Four Steps to Take After Experiencing Flood Damage

When floodwater gets into your home, you have to protect your family fast. Floodwater may look safe, but it contains contaminants that start causing damage right away. For the sake of your home, your family, and yourself, you’ll need to get rid of that water as quickly as possible. How do you get started, though? That’s where our team comes in. When your home has flood damage, ABCO Restoration is ready to jump into action. Meanwhile, here are the four things that you need to do right away. 

Ensure Safety First 

Safety matters more than anything else. For flood damage, ABCO recommends getting the family away from the water. Again, no matter how safe the water may look, it contains things that you don’t want in your home, and you certainly don’t want those substances anywhere near your loved ones. Floodwater can contain sewage, for example, or chemicals. It can also contain all sorts of bacteria. Once you’ve made sure that everyone is far away from the water, go ahead and turn off the electricity to the area. 

Call an Emergency Restoration Service 

Next, call an emergency restoration service as soon as possible. If you’re near Elkhart, ABCO can get the job done for you. Our emergency-ready team can get started at any time. Floodwater doesn’t care about business hours. It can arrive at any time, day or night. The good news is that we can do the same. Don’t wait until the morning to call us. If you’re dealing with flood damage, ABCO is ready to get to work. 

Talk to Your Insurance Provider 

Do you have flood insurance? If so, now is a good time to talk to your flood insurance provider. Talk to your provider about filing a claim. Your emergency restoration service may be able to work with your insurance company and bill them directly. 

Ask About Content Restoration Services 

For flood damage, ABCO does more than structural restoration. We also offer contents restoration for belongings. If the floodwater has damaged furniture and other belongings, ask us how we can bring them to their best possible condition. 

Flood Damage? ABCO Can Help 

Don’t wait if you have flood damage on your property. The longer you wait, the more damage you’ll have to remove. Call us now and we’ll get to work fast. Our 24/7 emergency team is there for you whenever you need us. 

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