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Fire Damage

Fire Damage: The Five Most Common Causes

It’s the last thing that any homeowner wants to think about, but it’s a common occurrence. A house fire can cause extensive damage or result in the total loss of your home. When it comes to addressing house fires, the best defense is a good offense: preparation and awareness. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at the five most common causes of house fire damage.

Top Five Causes of Fire Damage #1: Cooking

The most common cause of fire damage is cooking. Grease fires happen more often than others. The biggest problem with grease fires? People panic and forget how to put them out. Water causes them to go out of control. Therefore, grease fires must be put out through smothering, baking soda, or using a class B fire extinguisher.

Top Five Causes #2: Smoking

The second most common cause of fire damage comes from smoking. Many fires are started when a lit cigarette is dropped or not completely put out. When a lit cigarette comes into contact with flammable household items, these fires can spread quickly. Smokers should be required to smoke as far away from the house as possible. Even a small amount of stray ash can ignite an entire home.

Top Five Causes of Fire Damage #3: Home Appliances

The third common cause of household fires comes from faulty appliances. As appliances age, they can become less reliable. Items like stoves, HVAC systems, and clothes dryers can begin to throw sparks. These sparks can ignite quickly and cause serious damage to parts or the entirety of your home. Having these items serviced annually can minimize their fire risk.

Top Five Causes #4: Holiday Decorations

The fourth risk comes around once a year. When the calendar moves to December, families around the world begin the process of hanging lights and cutting down their own Christmas trees. The trouble with natural trees is how quickly they dry out. When a dry tree makes regular contact with a hot string of lights, a fire can quickly spark and ruin the rest of the holiday. The best way to avoid holiday mishaps is to keep your tree well-watered.

Top Five Causes of Fire Damage #5: Playing with Flammable Items

The final cause of fire damage involves the curious nature of children and teenagers. When young people don’t understand the dangers associated with fire, they tend to try things. This might include striking up a matchbook, fiddling with a cigarette lighter, or any number of other fire risks. Taking care to educate young people about the dangers of playing with flammable items can save your entire family the pain of replacing lost items or mourning an unnecessary loss of life.

ABCO Restoration: Your Fire Damage Experts

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