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Can Your Belongings Be Saved After a Disaster?

It’s not always possible to grab all your possessions when natural disasters strike. For contents restoration, South Bend residents can call ABCO Restoration. Today, we’ll take a look at the steps that can be taken to restore your possessions once the storm has passed.

Prioritize Your Belongings For Contents Restoration, South Bend

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but some possessions may not be salvageable after a natural disaster. If you had time to prepare before the evacuation process began, you might have been able to grab important items like drivers’ licenses, photo albums, and other items of value. If not, you might be returning to a very difficult situation. One of the first things to consider when beginning the restoration process is to determine which items are the most important (historically, financially, sentimentally) and approach those first.

Air-Dry Possessions First

Once you’ve organized your possessions, the restoration process can truly begin. The safest way to start is to allow all items to air-dry. Take special care with electronic items like hairdryers, as these will take a while to completely dry. It might be beneficial to increase airflow in your home by opening windows, using fans, dehumidifiers, and HVAC systems.

Use Caution

As you begin the process of content restoration, another thing to consider is how fragile many items may have become after being exposed to the elements. Go slowly to minimize any additional damage that could occur. Remove paintings and prints from their frames, put paper towels between the pages of books, and empty your drawers. Once items have been separated, use soft brushes and cloths to remove dirt, grime, and debris. It could take longer, but your items might need a little extra love.

Photos Need Even More Special Care

Separate photographs and rinse them with clean water. Allow them to dry on a flat surface or run a clothesline that will allow them to drip dry. Be sure that the drying photographs don’t touch each other or any other surface–or they may become unsavable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help For Contents Restoration, South Bend

In the midst of the contents restoration process, South Bend residents can become overwhelmed. Don’t hesitate to call the pros at ABCO Restoration. Our team has over forty years of experience assisting families in South Bend with their disaster restoration projects. Don’t delay–contact ABCO Restoration today!

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