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Claims Follow Up

Claims Follow Up – Important for Keeping Renewals

Claims follow up is crucial for your insurance policy renewals. You can contact ABCO for advice and tips today.

We have all probably had someone at a restaurant ask us “How was your meal?” with varying degrees of sincerity!  I’m actually more convinced when the Manager stops by the table and asks how the food & service was, but usually it’s at a grand opening or a very expensive restaurant with the white linens. Below is a conversation that I had with a waitress that illustrates how customer care throughout a restoration process affects policy renewals!

Recently I was approached by a waitress who was looking at the logo on my shirt and asked what ABCO did?  During my explanation of what we do, she began to share about a recent water loss she had in her home that was mitigated by a national competitor.  She shared about doors that had not been rehung after repeated calls to their office.  Most disturbing, were items that were charged for that were not required, however when she inquired about those charges they were quickly brushed off in a foggy/double talk.  The items in question were quickly rationalized away because they had done some very insignificant additional tasks that in their imagination resulted in a wash of costs as far as they were concerned.  I urged our waitress to share those concerns with her insurance agent and explained (THEY NEED TO KNOW!)

I would encourage you to have someone in your office assigned the task of following up with your insured to see they are being well taken care of by the adjuster and the contractor.  In the case of larger losses it would be great to check in on the progression of the work and feel the pulse of your insured and their satisfaction with the quality of work performed by the onsite crew & subcontractors.  These small consistent actions will make for an easier “policy renewal” when that time arrives.

“Keep us in the loop” are some of the sweetest words to our ears because we know you care as much about customer service as we do!  You are the kind of agency we want to SERVE and partner with.

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