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Category: Storm Damage

3 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Storm Damage

Storm damage can be relentless in its scope and scale. Storms act quickly, leaving a variety of damage in their wake and costing you a pretty penny for the cleanup. The Midwest is a common breeding ground for pop-up thunderstorms, tornadoes, and violent rainstorms. If you live in the Elkhart/South Bend, Indiana area and have Read More

4 steps to take after weather damage

5 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage in South Bend

Since 1970, extreme weather occurrences have increased in the United States. There are more hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods wreaking havoc on homes and businesses – and the areas of impact are widening. Don’t find yourself caught unprepared! You can take several steps to prevent storm damage to your property and protect your family and belongings. Read More

Storm Damage

3 Reasons You Need Help With Storm Damage

A storm can bring all sorts of damage to your home. When it’s over, the last thing you may want to do is hire someone to help with the cleanup. Saving money is the main reason many homeowners try to take care of the damage on their own. However, the amount of work involved with Read More

Water Damage Cleanup

How to Deal with Cleaning Up After A Flood

Cleaning up after a flood can feel overwhelming. You know you need to get to work right away to avoid any unnecessary water damage, but where do you start? Whether you try to take care of it yourself or hire a water damage cleanup service, there are a few things you can do to make Read More

how to repair water damage after a storm

A Beginner’s Guide to Repairing Water Damage After A Storm

When a strong storm comes through, it can leave destruction in its wake. Water damage from storms is a very common issue homeowners face in our area. There are various ways for water to get into your home during inclement weather. Damage to structures like your roof can allow rain in. Flooding occurs from water Read More

Water Damage

Four Steps to Cleaning During Storm Damage Restoration

Once an extreme weather event has passed, it’s time to start the process of picking up the pieces. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at four steps that you can take to safely clean your home during the storm damage restoration process. Storm Damage Restoration Cleaning Step #1: Do a Thorough Walk-Through Right Away Read More

flood damage ABCO

Four Steps to Take After Experiencing Flood Damage

When floodwater gets into your home, you have to protect your family fast. Floodwater may look safe, but it contains contaminants that start causing damage right away. For the sake of your home, your family, and yourself, you’ll need to get rid of that water as quickly as possible. How do you get started, though? Read More

The Dangers of Inclement Weather on Your Elkhart Home

$54 billion. That’s how much inclement weather-related damage was expected to cost in the United States in 2019. The Congressional Budget Office calculated that $34 billion of that was expected to involve family homes across our nation. It could even impact Elkhart. You just received 34 billion reasons to consider. Let’s take a look at Read More

What Homeowners Need to Know About Hail Restoration

Hail is one of the most feared forms of precipitation. It’s similar to ice, but it tends to form, drop, and do damage to property between May and September. Today, we’ll take a look at the top four facts that homeowners need to know about the hail restoration process. Restoration Fact #1: Hail Damage Will Read More

natural disaster

6 Ways to Protect Your Home Before a Natural Disaster

In case of natural disaster, you’ll want to protect your home. These disasters can be scary, but the best thing that you can do is be prepared. Here are six things that you can do to keep your home protected. Move Electronics and Antiques  If you’re preparing for a hurricane, flood, or other natural disasters Read More

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