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Water Damage Cleanup

After the Water Has Stopped: A Guide to Water Damage Cleanup

When unplanned water enters your home, getting rid of the moisture and the related damage is critical. The situation can be troublesome and downright dangerous if attempted alone. These are the recommended steps to take in the water damage cleanup process.

Water Damage Cleanup Step #1: Use Caution

From the very first moment that you realize something is wrong, it’s essential to take care in what you do. If your home appears uninhabitable, don’t enter. Wait for the all-clear message from a member of law enforcement. When in doubt, contact the power company to have them investigate. This is especially important if any downed lines are visible. Being safe is better than being fast. Then, contact a water damage cleanup team like ABCO Restoration as soon as possible.

Step #2: Contact Your Insurance Company

It’s important to call your home insurance company as soon as possible. This may allow an adjuster to visit your home sooner than later. Be mindful that a substantial damage area may result in longer wait times. Once you have your insurance and repair companies on board, the repair process can move more smoothly. At ABCO Restoration, we understand the complicated nature of the insurance claims process. We will work directly with your insurer to provide requested documents as soon as possible. The sooner this happens, the sooner you can get back to normal.

Water Damage Cleanup Step #3: Removing Property

Once your water damage company has assessed your home, the restoration process will begin. Whenever possible, you might have already taken priceless heirlooms or other items of value out for safekeeping. ABCO’s experts are more than happy to assist in the removal process–particularly with heavy furniture and other items damaged beyond repair. In many instances, our team can restore damaged items through a careful process that preserves quality and gives you peace of mind.

Step #4: Drying and Repairing Surfaces

With a clear canvas, the water damage cleanup and repair process can truly get underway. Professional restoration companies have access to the best tools to get your home completely dry. High-power HVAC dryers, air movers, and other items can get every drop of moisture out. Failing to get every molecule of water out of your home can lead to further damage in the form of mold, mildew, and rotten wood. Once they are completely dry, damaged surfaces can be repaired or replaced. Depending on the level of damage involved, your repair team might recommend making larger-scale repairs and renovations. This might include removing walls and other dark spaces that could encourage mold growth.

ABCO Restoration: Michiana-Owned and Operated For Over 40 Years

When you find yourself under water, getting the water out and the damage repaired should be handled by experts. At ABCO Restoration, our professional water damage cleanup crews have been helping customers across the Michiana region for over 40 years. When it’s time to get things back to normal, there’s no better team to hire. Don’t risk a half-hearted repair – contact us right away.

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