• Over 40 Years of Experience

  • 5 Years Guarantee

ABCO Restoration’s Five Pillars of Excellence

For over 40 years, ABCO Restoration has proudly provided exceptional restoration services for our Michiana community. Our business exists because of the respect and continued support of our customers. When you choose to work with ABCO Restoration for your fire, water, and mold restoration projects, you are choosing to work with a company that puts the customer first and prioritizes your satisfaction and safety over the bottom line. We work hard to provide reliable, lasting restoration services for our clients, and we do so by sticking to our Five Pillars of Excellence.

Unparalleled Quality

At ABCO Restoration, we use only the best materials, techniques, and technology to restore our clients’ homes. The reality is that after a fire or storm, homes need a lot of tender care and expert repairs to get them back in shape. When restoration companies use shoddy technology or cut corners, the restoration will not last. In fact, the experts at ABCO Restoration stand so firmly behind our quality that every job comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a five-year warranty, no matter how big the project was. 

Unbreakable Trust

At ABCO Restoration, we know that without trust, our business wouldn’t have lasted this long. Our clients trust us with their homes and their safety. Restorations use dangerous equipment like ozone machines and anti-microbial solutions to repair homes after a flood or fire. As our client, you place your trust in our ability to correctly and safely use this equipment to bring your home back together. We understand that, and we take your trust very seriously. 

We keep our technicians fully licensed and certified to work with the equipment and materials to maintain their safety and yours. Our office is always open to help you. We know that when emergencies happen, you need a place you can call at any time of day or night, and you can trust that we will be there for you. 

Honest Integrity

Honesty and doing things for the right reason are what motivates our team at ABCO Restoration. We live by doing the right thing even when no one is looking. You place so much trust in us that the least we can do is tell you the truth, no matter how difficult it is.

The reality is that restoration processes are emotionally draining and expensive. But it’s our job to help you through it and keep you informed of the situation. We make sure you understand the process and we’ll remove as much stress from you as possible as we go through it together.

Clear Communication

A lot of restoration companies leave you out of the loop when calamity strikes. Unclear communication goes against our policy at ABCO Restoration. Sure, some clients prefer we only communicate the bare necessities of a project. And if that’s what you want, we are happy to do that! 

All the same, we understand that the restoration process is trying. Between insurance, finances, and the emotional turmoil of a disaster, our clients want to understand what is happening. Our job is to keep an open, clear line of communication with you. You will never feel lost or confused during the restoration process. We are always happy to walk you through every restoration process step.

True Compassion

At ABCO Restoration, you are more than just a number or a paycheck. We treat our clients like family. We understand that after a fire or destructive flood, you may go through a lot of emotional stress. It’s completely normal! But at ABCO Restoration, we respect your feelings. We are there to help guide you through every aspect of recovering during a restoration, including listening and caring for your emotional needs. It’s part of why we are available 24/7 – we know that you need someone to be there for you during the aftermath of a fire and flood. We are there to listen.

When you need someone to be there to help guide you through a home restoration, give our team at ABCO Restoration a call at 1 (800) 441-0201. We will help you navigate the uncertainty after a home disaster. You will always receive quality care from a real person, no matter what time of day it is.

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