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6 Ways a Fire Could Start in Your Home

House fires are a lot more common in the United States than people would think. There are particular circumstances and certain things that homeowners might do that would put them at greater fire risk. Here are six ways you might not realize you could start a fire in your home.

Washer or Dryer Fire

Having a washer and dryer is a plus when it comes to homeownership. But if you don’t properly take care of those machines, they could spell trouble for you. If you leave the dryer running while you’re not at home, it might start a fire. 

But did you know that leaving your washing machine running could also cause a house fire? Certain electrical pieces of your washing machine could catch fire. If you’re not home to smell the smoke or see the signs of fire, it could quickly take down your entire house if the flames get out of control. 

There is also the matter of your dryer’s lint keeper. If you don’t regularly clean out the lint trap between drying cycles, you run the risk of the lint sparking and catching fire. Clean your lint trap between each dryer cycle, and deep clean the lint trap during a fall and spring deep cleaning program.

Grease, Cooking, and Kitchen Fire

One of the biggest causes of home fires is related to cooking. It could be a grill in the backyard that ignites a widespread fire, or a grease fire over the stove. Keep a watchful eye on grease frying on the stove and any cooking that you’re doing. Leaving the area even for a moment could risk a blaze that spreads fast. 

Insulation and Attic Issues

Another cause of fire goes above your head – literally. Your attic can be a hotbed for potential risks. This can come in the form of under-insulated heating ducts or improperly stored items. There’s a chance that the heating can catch fire in the winter, or the opposite – something flammable could explode or ignite in the summer when attic temperatures soar. 

Open Flames

One of the biggest culprits of house fires is open flames in your home. This includes candles that are left unattended for any length of time, smoking in the home, and incense that is not properly burned. These are just a few of the open-flame issues that can ignite a home. Be mindful of the flames in your home, and guard them with a watchful eye.

Bad Wiring

Another threat to your home is faulty wiring. Wires that are exposed or not insulated correctly mean you are susceptible to a causing a house fire. Making sure that all your electrical work is done properly will save you a lot of potential heartache in the future.

Unattended Space Heaters

If your home runs cold during the winter, you probably have at least one space heater. That also goes for people whose homes are drafty, or older homes that don’t heat evenly. Never leave a space heater unattended. Many newer models have switches to shut off if they fall on the floor or fall on their sides. But there are a lot of older models and budget variations that don’t come with safety switches like that. Keep an eye on your space heater at all times. 

If You Have a House Fire, Call ABCO Restoration

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