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5 Worst Odors in Your Home

odor removal
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The last thing anyone wants is unwanted smells in their home. Some odors can be more pungent than others – not to mention more harmful. At ABCO Restoration, we understand the importance of having a comfortable and healthy living space, and we take odor removal seriously. Maybe you smell something fishy when in reality, you haven’t cooked fish in over a month. So what is the culprit behind some of these awful smells?

Whether it is a build-up of moisture, smoke damage, or even pet urine, the odors can linger for quite some time, making it uncomfortable to live in your own home. Here are five of the worst odors in your home and how you can prepare for odor removal.


Sewage smells kind of like rotten eggs, with more emphasis on the “rotten.” Most commonly, the source is coming from the drains. Using your nose, follow the scent to discover which drain it is. It could be the toilet, sink, or shower.

In some cases, the issue is the drain’s P trap, a curved piece of pipe that should be full of water. The water forms a barrier between the stench of the sewer line and the comfort of your home.

Natural Gas

Gas is an odorless and colorless substance, which makes it nearly impossible to detect and incredibly dangerous if it leaks into your home. An additive is added to the natural gas that makes it smell like rotten eggs. The smell alerts you in the event of a gas leak so that you can take preventative measures to keep your family safe from a fire or explosion.

If you have natural gas in your home, whether for heating, stove, or washer and dryer, and begin to smell a slight lingering odor of rotten eggs, be sure to check all burner valves and pilot lights to ensure they are off. Next, you’ll want to open the windows to allow the air to ventilate.


Mold is the result of moisture build-up that is left untreated and can be toxic. Sometimes, it’s not noticeable at first, and it can breed within the walls of your home. If your home has a musty smell, the source may be due to mildew or mold.


Cigarette smoke is a common source of lingering smoke odors. The smell can be trapped in fabrics, walls, flooring, and carpet, creating a harmful environment of chemicals and carcinogens.


If you find your pet has a particular odor, give them a good bath. You might notice the smell still lingers even though your furry friend smells clean. The smell might be coming from their bedding, carpet, and in some cases, accidents that happen.

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