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4 steps to take after weather damage

5 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage in South Bend

Since 1970, extreme weather occurrences have increased in the United States. There are more hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods wreaking havoc on homes and businesses – and the areas of impact are widening. Don’t find yourself caught unprepared! You can take several steps to prevent storm damage to your property and protect your family and belongings.

Regularly Inspect The Home’s Structure 

Before storm season arrives, it’s essential to verify that the house is ready to face it. Without a solid external structure, water damage is impossible to prevent. Take the time to carefully inspect the gutters, outdoor drains, sidewall, and roof of your home.

Note that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends the roof be inspected regularly for damage before and after a storm. The roof protects the home from high-wind events and flooding. Loose shingles need to be reattached, and the roof itself needs to be anchored to prevent high winds from ripping it off the house. 

Additionally, all outdoor drains, gutters, and plumbing need to be in good shape in case of flooding. When these structures are clogged or damaged, water will collect around the home, which will encourage flooding.

Secure The Area

You can prevent storm damage to the home with as simple an action as cleaning the yard. The outdoor playset, patio furniture, and decorative garden gazebo can become hazards during a storm. To prevent high winds or flooding from knocking these pieces into the house, they need to be secured before the storm strikes. Remember to stow all outdoor toys, furniture, and appliances inside if possible, or with proper anchoring outside when you cannot house furniture inside. 


Waterproofing a home is perhaps the most crucial step to preventing water damage from a storm. Many homes suffer from water stains, flooding, and mold development due to extreme weather. Remember to stain and paint structures regularly to maintain a moisture barrier. Inspect all caulking and seals on windows, doors, and gutters, and make any needed repairs before storm season arrives. Additionally, consider working with a basement waterproofing specialist, like ABCO Restoration, to help prevent water damage to the internal structure and property.

Remove Hazards

Thousands of dollars of storm damage occur because of ill-maintained landscaping and natural hazards. Trees are prone to collapsing during tornadoes or from a lightning strike. Falling tree limbs, flying pebbles from landscaping, and other plants and debris can damage windows, doors, and the roof of a home. Keep trees well-trimmed and consider using softer landscaping materials, such as mulch, instead of rocks.

Invest In Standby Power

You can prevent storm damage with some smart preparedness. A lot of homes flood when power fails, leaving sump pumps inoperable. Don’t let the elements turn your home into a swimming pool! Invest in a battery-operated sump pump or keep a generator on hand to maintain power during the storm. 

If your South Bend home has experienced damage due to extreme weather conditions, contact the team at ABCO Restoration right away. The sooner the professionals address the storm damage, the faster and more affordable the repair process will be. We’re here to help get your home back in order 24/7. Give us a call at 1(800) 441-0201.

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