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5 Things Around Your Property that are a Huge Safety Risk

In case of natural disasters, home safety should be your top priority. When you minimize your risk, you can keep your home as safe as possible from potential danger. We’ve listed five major safety hazards that too many homeowners ignore. Take a look around your home and see if it has any of these safety risks. 

Tree Branches 

A badly-placed tree branch is risky in all kinds of disasters. Have you trimmed your trees recently? Do you have tree branches hanging over your home? Pay attention to the placement of the trees in your yard, and make sure that you don’t have any branches hovering over your house. Your home’s safety may depend on it. During a major storm, those branches can break and land on your house. During a fire, those branches can ignite. 

Full Gutters 

Gutters can also become hazardous in different situations. If your gutters are full, they can get too heavy during a flood or other storm. The extra weight can cause gutter damage. During a fire, the debris inside your gutters can ignite, which can then ignite the house itself. To prevent extensive damage, clean your gutters on a regular basis. 

Cracks in the Basement 

Look for cracks throughout your home, especially in the basement and the foundation. If you notice cracks, take some time to seal them. These cracks may look small, but they can get in the way of your home’s safety. These cracks make it easier for floodwater to get into your house. 

Unsecured Sheds 

Do you have a tool shed or similar structure outside your house? For the sake of home safety, make sure that it’s bolted to the ground. The shed may seem heavy enough on its own, but those loose structures can go flying during a major storm. The wind can send your shed flying straight into your home. Make sure that it’s secured. 

Sewer Lines Without Backflow Valves 

If your sewer line doesn’t have a backflow valve, now would be a great time to install one. A lot of disasters can lead to sewage backup. Sewage carries viruses, bacteria, and chemicals, so you don’t want it inside your house. A backflow valve for your sewer line can keep that from happening. 

Home Safety 

A big part of home safety is knowing the name of a great restoration company. Disasters happen. When they do, you can be prepared. Do you need sewage removal, mold remediation, or damage repair after a disaster? Then call ABCO Restoration. We’re ready to get to work right away.

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