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Restoration services you can count on from ABCO Restoration.

4 Types of Restoration Services You Might Need

Restoration services you can count on from ABCO Restoration.
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When damage occurs on your property, you need a restoration service you can count on. ABCO Restoration is your local, reliable, and speedy restoration company that serves Elkhart, South Bend, and surrounding areas of Indiana. We work tirelessly to provide the best service for all of your restoration needs. Here are four types of restoration that you might need as a homeowner. 

Storm Damage Restoration

Unfortunately, storms are not going to stop occurring in the Midwest any time soon. Powerful wind, rain, and winter storms are all prevalent across ABCO Restoration’s entire service region. That means chances are good you will need some kind of storm damage restoration at some point. Wind damage can tear your home’s roof and siding, and strong winds cause further damage through water damage and flooding. And terrible winter storms can bring a wide array of hazards. 

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage is one of the most common residential types of damage. Water damage can have a variety of causes, from burst pipes to sewage backups, basement flooding, and sudden mold growths from excess moisture. The biggest issue with water damage is not just that it can ruin personal belongings. Water damage can also contain microbial contaminants, which put you at a higher risk of health concerns. Therefore, when water damage occurs on your property, you should always contact ABCO as soon as possible. 

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are a common cause of household damage. Unfortunately, there are many issues that increase the likelihood of fires. And the damage caused by fires can escalate quickly to include more than just the direct damage of the flames. Smoke damage and structural damage can all follow a fire to varying degrees. ABCO Restoration can help with our fire damage restoration experts. 

Contents Restoration Services

Finally, ABCO Restoration can help with content restoration. When any damage occurs on your property, there is a risk of personal belongings being damaged, ruined, or contaminated. When this happens, it takes a highly trained team of content restoration professionals to preserve as many of your contents as possible. However, not many restoration companies offer these services. Luckily for you, ABCO Restoration is your local, friendly restoration company that offers comprehensive contents restoration.

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