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Commercial Mold growth can happen to anyone.

4 Types of Mold Growth for Commercial Settings

Commercial Mold growth can happen to anyone.
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Mold isn’t something that only homeowners deal with. Unfortunately, mold can also take over your commercial property or business setting. Even the most modern and prepared property owners can’t always prevent this unwanted guest. However, mold growth within commercial properties can sometimes go longer without being detected. You might not always be present on your property, and mold can grow in hidden recesses. Large properties can harbor small pockets of mold which are unnoticeable. 

As a result, if you suspect any mold on your commercial property, it’s best to bring in professionals. Commercial mold growth can be stopped with the help of ABCO Restoration’s mold removal and remediation experts. Learn more by visiting our website today, and keep reading to learn about four types of mold growth found in commercial settings. 

Molds of All Colors

Mold of all colors could potentially be present within your commercial buildings. Contrary to popular belief, mold comes in almost every color imaginable. White, green, brown, red, and black molds are the most common. However, it’s important to note that the color of mold alone can’t tell you whether it’s harmful or benign. Many harmful species come in different colors and varying textures. Because of this, only a mold expert using lab testing can officially determine the species and level of danger of mold spores on your property. 

Allergenic Molds

One type of mold which might be present is allergenic mold. Sometimes, these growths can be hard to detect if no mold is visible. The symptoms associated with most allergenic molds are generally mild, which means they often go untreated for longer. However, allergenic molds affect people’s health, especially those with pre-existing conditions, immune suppression, or other underlying health conditions. Symptoms of exposure to these types of mold might include headaches, dizziness, cold-like symptoms, and even chills. 

Commercial Mold Growths Can Be Pathogenic

Another type of commercial mold growth to be wary of is pathogenic mold spores. These are more severe and should be reported immediately. Since you can’t tell just from looking at it whether a mold is allergic or pathogenic, it’s best to report all mold spores immediately to a professional who can eliminate the problem before it poses health risks. Common symptoms of exposure to pathogenic mold growths include more severe cold-like symptoms, fever, infections, and trouble breathing, among others. 

Toxigenic Mold Growths

Lastly, you will want to be aware of the potential risk of toxigenic commercial mold growth. Toxigenic mold growths affect almost everybody regardless of their current health status. Exposure to these spores can lead to severe or deadly medical issues, infection, fever, lung problems, and even heart conditions. 

ABCO Restoration’s Commercial Mold Growth Services

ABCO Restoration can help with all of your commercial mold growth problems. No matter what type of mold is present on your property, our mold removal and remediation specialists can act fast. ABCO Restoration can help with satisfaction guaranteed and 24/7 emergency services available. Call us today at 1-800-441-0201 for more information about all of our services.

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