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Water damage that is damaging is a risk.

4 Types of Dangerous Water Damage

Water damage that is damaging is a risk.
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Water damage can ruin your personal belongings and make your home feel like a disaster zone. However, one of the worst aspects of water damage is its hazards to your health and safety. All types of water damage can pose biohazards or structural issues on your property, putting your family at risk. However, certain types of water damage are even higher-risk and should be handled as soon as possible by your local water damage restoration team. 

ABCO Restoration is the most reliable, affordable, and trustworthy water damage restoration company in the Michiana area. We service Elkhart, Granger, and South Bend in Indiana with all their water damage needs. 

Why Water Damage is Dangerous

Water damage can be hazardous for multiple reasons. For one thing, water damage can happen without warning, giving you no time to prepare or protect your loved ones and property. Second, water damage can vary in severity. Furthermore, water damage can occur and remain undetected for extended periods, creating more hazards for your health in the meantime. Because of this, recognizing the various types of water damage that most commonly pose health and safety hazards is the best way to alleviate damage before it accelerates. 

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups are probably the most hazardous type of water damage. For obvious reasons, a sewage backup in your home can compromise your health fast with exposure to contaminants, human, and animal waste. In addition, sewage backup smells can seep into multiple levels of your flooring and subflooring and contribute to further issues in the future. 

Standing Water and Flooding

Standing water and flooding in your home can also be extremely hazardous. Standing water and floodwaters could contain bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, which can cause many illnesses. They might even put your pets’ health at risk, and small children do not always realize the dangers before them. 

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes might not seem like a significant or dangerous type of water damage, but they can actually be pretty detrimental. Why? When your pipes leak, they can eat away at subflooring and cause rot. Over time, this can compromise your home’s structural integrity and create a huge safety issue. Sometimes leaky pipes go unnoticed because we don’t always look under sinks or in hidden recesses in our walls. Often, pipe leaks go undetected until it is too late. 

Basement Flooding

Like standing water, basement flooding can be hazardous if water levels rise rapidly. There is an even greater risk of damage occurring due to flooding in unfinished basements or older homes. Therefore, waterproofing your basement and recognizing the early signs of basement flooding can help prevent worse water damage in the future. 

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