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Michiana Water Damage is quick to fix with ABCO.

4 Common Types of Michiana Water Damage

Michiana Water Damage is quick to fix with ABCO.
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If you live in Michiana, then you probably already know how harsh and unforgiving winters here can be. All year long, extreme weather can threaten your property and put your family at risk. One thing to be aware of, no matter the time of year, is Michiana water damage. Water damage can happen to anyone and comes in many different forms – generally without warning. Here is a helpful guide to four types of common Michiana water damage. Use this guide to prepare all year long to reduce the chances of water damage ruining your property. 

ABCO Restoration can help with reliable, affordable, trustworthy, and timely water damage restoration services throughout the Michiana area. We service Elkhart, Granger, and South Bend, Indiana, with all their water damage needs. Learn more by visiting our website or giving one of our friendly customer service representatives a call. 

Freezing and Burst Pipes

When your pipes freeze during the winter, trouble could be right around the corner. Freezing pipes are weakened and more susceptible to cracking and breaking. In the winter months, pipes can freeze when extremely low temperatures hit. Often this occurs in cold spurts when the water has not been run for a short period. If you are going out of town during the winter, it’s a good idea to leave a slow trickle of water running to reduce the chances of pipes freezing. Also, maintaining a proper indoor heating temperature can protect against frozen pipes.

If pipes become frozen, this can lead to sudden bursts which leave you with more than a mess to clean up. Burst pipes require repairs and can leave you with shut-off water for days at a time. Let ABCO Restoration, your Michiana water damage experts, help with fast service to repair broken pipes. 

Flooding and Heavy Rainfall

In the Michiana area, we are used to heavy thunder and rainstorms. These storms can dump an excessive amount of water within a short period. When this occurs, flooding and flash floods are possible, especially in low-lying areas. Regions with improper drainage systems might also be susceptible to increased flood warnings. 

It’s always a good idea to do what you can to prepare for heavy rainfall ahead of time. Having your basement waterproofed by professionals can help alleviate flooding in your home. You can also have low-lying areas of your property filled in. 

However, in intense cases, there is usually not much you can do to avoid flooding due to heavy rainfall. Therefore, you need to be ready to act fast when flooding happens. Call ABCO – we can help dry out your home, repair your structure, and inspect for any structural red flags! 

Michiana Water Damage and Ice Damming

Ice damming occurs when excessive ice builds up on your roof. Over time, the build-up makes it impossible for water to run off the edge. As the ice eventually begins to melt it can cause roofs to collapse, contribute to leaks within your home, or the sheer weight of the ice itself can damage your roof. Therefore, if you notice ice build-up on your roof, it’s a good idea to have the excess ice removed before it creates serious issues. 

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups can occur anywhere, but with Michiana’s sometimes chaotic weather patterns, sewage backups aren’t uncommon. Due to heavy rainfall in a short period or even unusual winter weather conditions, your sewage system might become overwhelmed quickly. When this happens, it’s not unlikely that the system will begin to back up. In the worst-case scenario, your property and even your home could be flooded with hazardous fecal-contaminated waters. 

Contact ABCO Restoration For Michiana Water Damage Services

There is no need to panic if your Michiana home has recently sustained water damage. ABCO Restoration can help with fast response times, friendly customer service representatives, and skilled technicians. We can handle water damage that has happened on your property all year long. Learn more by visiting our website today or giving us a call at 1-800-441-020.  

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