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3 Types of Mold To Report Immediately

Mold remediation services with ABCO.
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Mold spores are a type of fungi growth that occurs naturally. While some types of mold growth are harmless, it can be hard to detect if mold growth is dangerous or not. It takes trained professionals and mold remediation services to properly assess the health risk associated with mold growths in your home. ABCO Restoration can help with fast, reliable, and honest mold remediation services in Elkhart/South Bend, Indiana and the surrounding areas. We help homeowners remove and prevent future mold growths to ensure their safety. Here are three types of mold that you should report immediately. However, it is always a good idea to report any suspicious mold deposits within your home. 

Categorizing Types of Mold

There are several ways to categorize mold growths. You can define mold growth based on its color and the variety of mold. Numerous mold species help break down plant matter in nature. However, they can pose health hazards in your home, such as lung issues, heart conditions, dizziness, headaches, and trouble breathing. 

Different Mold Colors

Typically, people picture mold as black or green deposits. However, mold can appear in almost any color. White, green, red, black, and brown are the most common. Remember, color alone is not always a clear indicator of hazards posed by mold growth. It takes precise laboratory testing to determine the exact species and the threat level a mold sample can pose. 

Different Varieties of Mold

Furthermore, mold can be categorized by varieties and subtypes. Here we will examine the three main types you should report immediately if you suspect they are present in your home. Remember, mold growths don’t all look the same. They can appear skimpy or powdery and grow in various patterns. 

Type 1: Allergenic Mold Growths

This type of mold growth should be reported immediately because it can cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. People with pre-existing allergy conditions are even more at risk than the average person. Individuals with compromised immune systems should also be extremely wary of these mold growths.

Type 2: Pathogenic Mold Growths

Pathogenic mold growths can be even more detrimental to your health. A pathogenic mold deposit can spread quickly throughout your home and circulate through air vents to create worse conditions for already exposed individuals. In this case, infections are common, and people with compromised immune systems could be in grave danger. 

Type 3: Toxigenic Mold Growths

Toxigenic mold growths are toxic to everybody. Like any mold growth, they can grow in hidden parts of your home and spread fast. Sometimes they go undetected for extended periods, causing health issues before you can even intervene. Therefore, if you recently sustained water damage in your home, it is a good idea to hire a mold remediation service near you to investigate possible mold growth. To avoid exposure to toxigenic mold deposits, it is best to be proactive. 

Mold Remediation Services with ABCO Restoration

At ABCO Restoration, we take great pride in our comprehensive mold remediation services. We help you remove water, waterproof your basement, and detect mold growth to avoid future issues. 

Our process begins with an initial inspection after you contact us. We find mold in all of its hiding places using specialized equipment and tests to determine the types of mold present in your home. We can also tackle the source of the mold growth, whether it is a leaky pipe causing moisture to accumulate or a poor air venting system. Finally, we will work quickly and efficiently to create and perform a detailed mold remediation plan. At ABCO, we always make sure to remove any mold, dry out problem areas, and repair these areas. All of this is performed by trained professionals and documented by a licensed industrial hygienist report.  

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If any type of mold is present in your home, you should call a mold remediation service near you. Any signs of toxigenic, pathogenic, and allergenic molds are especially important to report immediately. ABCO Restoration can help with satisfaction guaranteed and 24/7 emergency services available. Call us today at 1-800-441-0201 for more information about all of our ABCO Restoration services.

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