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3 Types of Damage Caused by Tornadoes

Tornado damage restoration you can count on.
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Tornadoes are common in the South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana region. In fact, tornadoes are one of the most frequent types of storms throughout the Midwest. They can cause extensive damage in a short period. The issue with tornadoes is how unpredictable they can be. Even with advanced storm warnings, it can be impossible to chart the path of a twister far enough ahead of time to reduce storm damage. Tornado damage restoration service from ABCO Restoration can help homeowners in the aftermath of a storm.

No matter the type of damage caused by a tornado, we’ve got you covered with quick response times, reliable service, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantees. Here is your helpful guide into three types of damage caused by tornadoes that we can help you restore today! Learn more about all of our comprehensive restoration services by visiting our website.

Severe Wind Damage

Wind damage is the most likely culprit of severe damage during a tornado. Of course, it depends on where your property is located within the path of a tornado. However, wind damage is the primary cause of property damage even on the far outskirts of the storm. Tornado damage restoration might be needed to fix siding and roofs with shingles blown off during the storm. In larger storms, your entire roof might need to be inspected for extensive damage to avoid leaks, cave-ins, and other problems in the future. 

Wind damage is also dangerous because it can toss items about with such force as to cause significant property damage to your home and other standing structures. Preparing before a storm by putting away loose items on your lawn and ensuring facilities are locked is one way to reduce tornado damages caused by strong winds.

Flooding and Water Damage 

However, tornado damage is not limited to the power of the wind. Even thunderstorms come with heavy rains, which can cause severe flooding in a short time. That’s why it’s critical to stay informed about potential flood warnings. You should always remain indoors, never walk or drive in standing water, and evacuate your home as advised. While this usually isn’t the biggest threat to your family or property in a tornado, it still should be taken seriously. Fortunately, if you do suffer tornado-related water damage, the experts at ABCO Restoration can help with flooding damage. 

Structural Damage

Overall, the biggest concern with tornado-related damage and restoration is your home’s structure. After a tornado, your property could be suffering more damage than is visible to the human eye. It usually takes the help of a professional home inspection team to determine your structure’s integrity. Sometimes it’s unsafe to re-enter your home until authorized experts have documented repairs.  Always listen to inspections personnel to keep your family safe this storm season. 

Contact ABCO for Tornado Damage Restoration Services

Don’t let a tornado ruin your home and life. When a tornado happens, water damage, wind damage, downed trees, and severe structural damage might all occur. However, you can be proactive by immediately calling the tornado damage restoration experts at ABCO Restoration. With our help, you can quickly restore your home and get back to everyday life. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-441-0201 anytime. 

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