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Water Damage

3 Tips to Help Save Your Stuff After Water Damage

When your home suffers from water damage due to a burst pipe or a storm, it can do irreparable damage to your personal belongings. You can replace your carpet and have the area dried out. But what do you do with things like furniture, pictures, and other items that have sentimental value to you and cannot be so easily replaced?

Time is Critical For Stopping Water Damage

No matter what you are trying to salvage, time is not your friend when it comes to water damage. Mold can set into just about anything at around 48 hours. You will need to get everything you can out of the water as quickly as possible and set it up somewhere warm to dry out.

Freeze Your Important Documents

Any paperwork that you want to try to salvage can go in the freezer. This will prevent mold growth and keep the ink from running. This should also make it easier to separate when you start going through them.

Damaged photos need to be taken out of their frames or albums and hung up by a corner to allow them to dry. Do not let anything touch the top part of the photo until it is completely dry.

Books are a bit more difficult to dry, but it is possible. You can put a paper towel between the front and back covers, then stand the book up on more paper towels and allow the water to drip dry. The binding will need to be in the air and you will have to change the paper towels out periodically. Do not try to fan the books dry.

Consider Calling a Water Damage Restoration Service

When your home and belongings are damaged by water for whatever reason, you are probably already looking at some form of a repair bill. It is understandable you’d want to save money by attempting to dry out your belongings on your own. However, when it comes to water damage, there is much more to it than simply drying the items that got wet. Many materials become fragile when they are wet and need extra care. Also, it’s not as easy as you may think to dry things out, especially furniture. That is where calling in a water damage restoration service can help.

At ABCO Restoration, we don’t just handle the water removal and damage that was done to your home. We can also handle content restoration for anything that was damaged. We use technology to salvage photos and paintings and can even refinish furniture and rebuild pieces to match what was damaged. Unfortunately, in some instances, the damage may be too great to salvage what was lost. When this happens, we will document the damage and help you file a claim with your insurance company.

Water damage can be more destructive than we first realize. What we think can be easily dried out can become more damaged if not done properly.  Don’t risk causing more damage and bringing mold and other germs back into your home. Call the restoration experts at ABCO Restoration today!

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