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3 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Storm Damage

Prevent Storm Damage with ABCO Restoration
Image by Frauke Feind from Pixabay

Storm damage can be relentless in its scope and scale. Storms act quickly, leaving a variety of damage in their wake and costing you a pretty penny for the cleanup. The Midwest is a common breeding ground for pop-up thunderstorms, tornadoes, and violent rainstorms. If you live in the Elkhart/South Bend, Indiana area and have sustained severe storm damage from recent storms, then you need the trusted experts at ABCO Restoration by your side. Our trained professionals act efficiently to help you return to life as usual in your newly restored home. However, it is essential to remember that storm damage prevention should always be your top priority. Here are three things you can do to help prevent storm damage. 

Regularly Trim Tree Limbs to Prevent Storm Damage

One of the most common types of storm damage is caused by falling tree limbs. Violent winds and heavy rains can work together, pushing tree limbs across your lawn and leaving them everywhere. They can cause broken windows, destroy roofs, and block driveways. Never underestimate the power of tree branches to turn your home into a damage zone. 

To avoid or lessen the extent of tree limb-related damage during thunder- and windstorms, make it a habit to trim limbs regularly. Hire an expert to trim anything near electrical wires or in areas too high for you to do so. Have them inspect the area to estimate which trees need to be cut to keep your home safe. Trees standing near property buildings are the ones you should look out for the most. However, any old, weak, or dying trees might need to be significantly trimmed or even cut down entirely to avoid hazards. It is a good idea not to plant trees too close to living spaces to prevent future problems. 

Prepare Before a Storm

Right before a storm hits, small preparations can make a significant difference in the degree of storm damage your home sustains. For instance, the simple act of securing all furniture in your home could save you a lot of heartache in solid wind storms or in case of a tornado. It is also a good idea to board up windows if a severe storm is predicted in your area. This will prevent shattering glass from injuring people inside your home.  

Damage Prevention Pro Tip: Take Care of Your Roof

The third thing you should do to avoid storm damage is to hire a professional to inspect your roof, especially during storm season. Roofs with leaks or missing shingles can be an easy target for storm-prone waters and winds. 

Contact ABCO Restoration Now!

Sometimes storm damage is inevitable, but there are many things you can do as part of a storm damage prevention program. At ABCO Restoration, we are here for you – both before a storm and after. Give us a call today! We are available by phone at 1-800-441-0201 24/7 with a quick response team. Let us help you stay storm damage-free. 

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