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Fire repair helps restore property damage from sneaky fires.

3 Sneaky Causes of Fires

Fire repair helps restore property damage from sneaky fires.
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If your property falls victim to a fire, the damage can be catastrophic. Once fire catches, it can spread quickly and be difficult to extinguish if it gets out of control, which is why it is one of the scariest and deadliest disasters known to man. Our team of experts at ABCO Restoration specializes in fire repair so that you can focus on keeping your family safe. 

It is essential to be prepared as much as possible with preventative measures in place. But there are times a fire can creep up on you without any immediate signs. Keep reading for some of the sneakiest causes of fire so that you can stay prepared.

Forgotten Candles

Candles can be great for lighting up the room with a cozy ambiance and fragrance in the house, but if left unattended or in a dangerous place, they can trigger a major house fire. Avoid placing a lit candle near any potentially flammable items such as curtains, bedsheets, paper items, and clothing. 

If the flame flickers the wrong way, it could set fire to almost anything it touches. To prevent a fire, keep the candle in a safe place and blow out the flame or take it with you any time you leave the room or go to bed. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about the candle. 

It’s best to monitor the flame regularly to ensure nothing is at risk. A safe and common alternative many gravitate towards is battery-powered candles with built-in LEDs. 

Appliance Cords

House fires can also be the result of faulty or worn-out electrical wires. Some appliances may come with spare cords to replace the old ones. Keep these extras handy and in a safe place in case you need to replace them. 

Avoid placing cords underneath furniture or carpet and minimize the number of plugs using wall sockets and extension cords. If there are too many cords plugged in, the socket could overheat and trigger a house fire. 


Whether it is table lamps or a stunning chandelier, if the light fixture is not installed properly, it could cause an electrical fire. Some lights, including hanging lights, should be insulated using ceiling joists or wood paneling. Never exceed the wattage limit for lightbulbs, and consider upgrading to LEDs for less heat. 

Any surface lamp must have a properly fitted lampshade and be positioned in a place that it won’t be easily knocked over. Lights that use an outlet for power should not be overloading surge protectors and wall outlets. Electrical fires are some of the most devastating and common household fires.

Contact ABCO Restoration for Fire Repair

If you have suffered from fire damage and are in need of fire repair, contact our reliable ABCO Restoration team at 1-800-441-0201, and we’ll ensure you are taken care of promptly and efficiently. With 24/7 available support, we are with you every step of the way. Visit our website for more details on the services we provide to help keep our community safe.

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