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Storm Damage

3 Reasons You Need Help With Storm Damage

A storm can bring all sorts of damage to your home. When it’s over, the last thing you may want to do is hire someone to help with the cleanup. Saving money is the main reason many homeowners try to take care of the damage on their own. However, the amount of work involved with cleaning up storm damage can quickly become more than a homeowner can handle. Calling the professionals for storm damage cleanup services can pay for itself in the long run.

Storm Damage Cleanup Can Be Dangerous

The danger of a storm doesn’t end when the storm does. Downed power lines and debris can make your area hazardous. If there was flooding, then in addition to water damage, you may also be dealing with water that has hazardous contaminants in it. By calling in a storm damage cleanup team, you are calling in people who are trained in how to take care of your property safely.

Professionals Have Better Equipment

Storm damage cleanup requires many different types of work to be done. This takes a lot of specialized equipment. If your home suffered water damage because of the storm, then you will need fans, dehumidifiers, pumps, cleaning equipment, and much more. That will take care of cleaning up the water damage, but then you will need to restore the area. This can involve replacing the carpet, parts of the drywall, and even rebuilding parts of your home. This is necessary to get rid of the waterlogged areas and prevent mold. Most of us do not have all of this equipment or the skills necessary to do the job right. Calling in the professionals gives you access to all of our training and tools to get the job done quickly.

Your Insurance Will Likely Cover It

When your home suffers any sort of storm damage, you will need to file an insurance claim. If you try to do the cleaning and repairs yourself, you may not be eligible to have your insurance pay for it. Even worse, if any of the work that you did fails, then you will have to pay out of pocket to fix it. A storm damage restoration company, such as ABCO Restoration, has certifications that prove that we know what we are doing. Also, our work is guaranteed for 5 years, meaning that if something goes wrong or you aren’t happy with it within 5 years, we will fix it.

We all want to try to save money by fixing things ourselves. But when it comes to cleaning up after a storm, it’s best to let the professionals help you. At ABCO Restoration, we know how to handle whatever damage Mother Nature throws our way. We handle cleanup and restoration on the toughest jobs. We can work with your insurance to ensure you have one less thing to worry about. Focus on making sure you and your family are safe, and we will focus on helping you weather the storm. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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