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Summer home check for mold!

3 Reasons to Conduct A Summer Mold Inspection

Mold growth thrives in the humidity of the summer. As a homeowner, conducting an inspection will save you time and money in the long run. Without taking a few preventative measures, your home could suffer extensive mold growth by the end of summer. When mold is hidden and not eradicated, it spreads rapidly and it doesn’t stop. With summer approaching, it is essential to crack down on preventative measures and hire a trained eye to spot any problems before they get worse. Here are 3 reasons to conduct a mold inspection for the summer.

Temperature and Humidity Levels Are Changing

In the summertime, humidity begins to rise as the temperature gets hotter. This creates moisture from a multitude of things, including outside air, cooking, running the dishwasher, and showering. Rising temperatures will amplify the moisture and create spaces for mold to spread quickly throughout your home.

Air temperature is important and needs to be monitored in order to prevent bacteria build-up. A professional who does an inspection will not only check for problem areas, but will monitor the air quality.

Asthma Or Other Illnesses

Having an allergic reaction at random could point to mold growing nearby. The effects of mold exposure can vary from skin rashes to common cold symptoms. This is a worrisome issue if a certain room or area causes these reactions.

It’s a well-known fact that mold is detrimental to your health, and it could potentially be life-threatening. Most importantly, it increases the amount of damage to your health when you’re dealing with asthma or pre-existing respiratory illnesses.

Bringing in an inspection team will reduce your risks of getting sick or having your illnesses get worse.

Reduce Structural Damage

With the transition into the hotter weather, mold could already be growing in places that aren’t immediately visible. These areas are usually behind walls or wallpaper, around plumbing fixtures, behind or underneath appliances, and on the ceiling or flooring tiles.

Your home can suffer from problems with insulation and wooden structures as a result of mold. Water damage can be a major issue. Hiring a professional for inspection can prevent both of these issues.

ABCO Restoration and Inspection

Now that you know why to conduct an inspection, it’s time to find a team that has experience in this area. ABCO Restoration has been doing remediation work for over 40 years in the Michiana area. Contact us today to connect with a team that will test for mold and provide restoration services.

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