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3 Common Storm Damage Occurrences in South Bend

Storm damage is a common factor in the South Bend area and surrounding regions. All year round, different types of storms can threaten to cause damage with relentless winds and precipitation fall. The truth is storms act quickly and leave extreme damage in their wake. Therefore, it’s best to react fast to save your money, alleviate further damage and avoid health and safety hazards to your family. 

Lucky for you, there is quick, responsive and affordable help for South Bend storm damage with ABCO Restoration. Our specialized team of storm damage excerpts knows Midwest storms like nobody else because we built our business here. Our goal is to help homeowners recover and restore their properties as quickly as possible after the South Bend storm damage. Learn more about what we can do for you by visiting our website today. Here are three common storm damage occurrences in South Bend you should be aware of all year round.

Fallen Tree Limbs

Fallen tree limbs can happen in many types of stormy weather. Furthermore, it’s not just summer thunderstorms or tornadoes that can cause strong winds and flying branches. In fact, winter storms also pose a hazard for fallen tree limbs, making this storm damage occurrence one of the most common and dangerous factors in the aftermath of a storm. 

Fallen branches can land on your car, garage or home. Even worse, they could crush you outside your home if you could not seek shelter during a sudden storm. Plus, branches don’t always pose an immediate danger. Sometimes the actual falling branches occur weeks after the initial storm when dead branches become loose and fall. 

Regardless, there is not much you can do before the fact to avoid fallen branches. However, it’s a good idea to keep tree limbs trimmed away from your house or other structures. Stay inside and heed storm warnings from officials. Lastly, after a storm, ensure all hanging branches are removed to avoid falling and causing damage or injury. 

South Bend Storm Damage: Ice Build Up and Damming 

During the winter months, excessive ice build-up or damming is also typical. This occurs both during and after severe winter weather and storms. With heavy rainfall or water accumulation, ice can begin to build up outside your home, on the roofs of buildings and top of sidewalks. Each of these locations poses unique hazards. 

On your roof, built-up ice can become heavy and cause caves in. Furthermore, leaks are not uncommon when excessive ice build-up becomes too much for your roof to handle, and this can result in pricey and sudden roof repairs. Therefore, keeping ice clear from roofs should be a top priority. We can help at ABCO Restoration with fast response and the proper training to remove excessive ice build-up on your roof, outside your home and even on walkways. 

Wind Damage

Of course, it’s the wind that causes most of the South Bend storm damage annually. Winds can vary from wild to breakneck speeds, which can tear off shingles and siding quickly. The worst part is you can’t do anything to prepare ahead of time for wind damage. In terrible storms, you can board up windows to avoid broken glass entering your home and injuring people. However, the best course of action after a storm with excessive wind damage is to call ABCO Restoration. We have experts who know how to safely excess wind damage, inspect your home for weakness and fix the issues fast. 

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