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Year: 2014

Service Attitude

Service Attitude Shines

Below is a recent E-Mail we received from a customer regarding our “Service Attitude” and how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of our interactions with the insured. We receive these comments almost weekly, but not always in writing like this. As I write this note I have just had a phone conversation shared with Read More

Claims Follow Up

Claims Follow Up – Important for Keeping Renewals

Claims follow up is crucial for your insurance policy renewals. You can contact ABCO for advice and tips today. We have all probably had someone at a restaurant ask us “How was your meal?” with varying degrees of sincerity!  I’m actually more convinced when the Manager stops by the table and asks how the food Read More

Yearly Reflections

Yearly Reflections

This is my first yearly reflections blog post, which for a 62 year older businessman is quite a feet!!  This post will serve as a way for me to share over 45 years of business management experience and most of it in the cleaning and insurance restoration business.  So if you find any of this Read More

Client Testimonials